Kings Of War Forces Of Nature


My Forces of Nature army is my pride and joy. In September, after functioning on the army for 2 years, I finally had a totally painted 2250 allude list for the 2nd Edition. I unveiled it at the Crossroadways GT and discovered the army to be both fun and also successful, which you deserve to hear even more around on Unplugged Radio.

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As such, I can not wait to dig right into the rules for 3rd Edition and also check out what changes lay in keep for my fledgling army. My initial impression is that the army did not readjust as substantially as others, such as Elves and also Nightstalkers, however the transforms are certainly tright here. What’s even more, the alters straight and also negatively influenced the playstyle of my second Edition build. That isn’t to say that the army has lost its competitive edge, yet fairly my specific strategy to the army is no much longer viable. This is an endure that I am certain many type of in the Kings of War neighborhood can relate to, but I will try not to let it color my opinion too strongly as I write my testimonial.


The 3rd Edition rulebook includes four neutral militaries, and also Mantic has made a point of stressing that they are each neutral for various reasons. I discover this approach to the lore fairly compelling, and also I love how the Forces of Nature are urged by maintaining order and balance throughout the organic world. While we observed them siding via the pressures of excellent in the Edge of the Abyss project, the lore makes it absolutely clear that they are fickle allies and also would certainly be even more than willing to rotate against the pressures of good if they needed to be put earlier in their place.

Much of the lore concentrates on the Eco-friendly Lady herself, and also she is absolutely an intriguing character. She is extremely a lot wrapped up in the major historical occasions of Pannithor, and her partnership via the different races is distinct. Love her or hate her, eextremely major factivity hregarding take into consideration her when making political power grabs or marching off to battle. This establishing is ripe for storyinforming and is the factor why I chose to focus my very own brief fiction series on the recruitment of a new Druid.


There are no brand-new Forces of Nature models being released alongside the third Edition. The range is currently reasonably well sustained. The many popular choices that are lacking from the line are most likely the Unicorns and Beasts of Nature, which I would absolutely love to see Mantic develop. The current models are a real mixed bag in terms of high quality. I love the look of many kind of of them, however the sheer amount of metal is much less tha suitable. I’ve been preventing those Naiad Wyrmriders for a reason… Having constructed and also painted a majority-Mantic Forces of Nature army I deserve to confidently say it’s much from their worst army, but likewise not the finest. I’ve included a few photos of some of my favorite systems to illustrate the potential these models have.

A Metal Forest Warden, likewise suitable for the brand-new Gladewalker Druid

Rules Changes and also Trends

Rather than go via the army unit-by-unit, I am going to existing several over-arching rules transforms and also fads. Tbelow are pros and cons to each, which will certainly undoubtedly influence the lists and also strategies we view on the tableoptimal.

Pathfinder and Strider

A hallmark of the Forces of Nature in the second Edition was that every unit had actually the Pathfinder special preeminence. That is no longer the instance in the third Edition. However, this is not as devastating as it might seem. The Salamander Primes are certainly worse for the wear, yet the Naiad Heartpiercers, being a ranged unit, won’t miss out on it all that a lot. The Water Elementals, Greater Water Elepsychological, and Greater Earth Elemental all picked up Strider, which is ssuggest much better. They can’t relocate at the double anymeans, and also currently they will never suffer a Hindered Charge from the terrain.

Mastery of the Elements

The four varieties of Elementals and also Greater Elementals feel much more distinct than they did in the second Edition. The Air devices excel in maneuvercapability with Sp 10, Fly, and also Nimble. They likewise gained Me 3+, however to balance that out have De 4+ and also are devoid of Crushing Strength. The Planet systems excel in grinding with De 6+, Brutal and an additional allude of Nerve. The Greater Earth Elepsychological also increased to Sp 6 and also 12 Att, with a drastic allude rise. The Fire units excel in damage output via Crushing Strength (2) and Vicious (Melee). The Greater Fire Elepsychological has Fireball (8). The Water systems seem to be decent in all 3 of the previously mentioned locations through Sp 7 and also Strider for maneuvercapacity, Regeneration (5+) for grinding, and also Crushing Strength (1) for damages output.

Ranged Support

Just like other armies, the Shooting prowess of the Forces of Nature has actually taken a hit. Many of the Ranged systems are Irconsistent, via the exception of Centaur Bray Hunters. These devices aren’t disastrous, however, as a “jack-of-all-trades” unit their price per swarm is exceptionally high, and also I can’t watch spamming them as being unwell balanced or overpowering. The Naiad Heartpiercers, on the other hand also, offer top quality shooting at both the Troop and Regiment level. Ra 4, Piercing (1), and Steady Aim are good, yet because they are Irregular it will be challenging to fit them into a list en masse. In the Large Cavalry department, the Forces of Nature shed the Slyph Talonrider unit (though I suspect they could reshow up in the Sylvan Kin list), and also replaced them with Scorchwings. Tbelow is no mention of Scorchwings in the background, yet I imagine them to be equivalent to the Terradon unit from Warhammer Fantasy. This unit is exceptionally equivalent to the Centaur Bray Hunters, but for a far-reaching allude rise, they get Fly and also hit more reliably with their melee and ranged assaults. The unit doesn’t seem destructive on paper, yet the price is really steep for a very fragile unit with so few assaults.

Elsewright here, the Beastern of Nature shed access to Lightning Bolt. While at initially glance this might seem poor, I see it as a blessing in disguise. Without paying for Lightning Bolt, your Beasts of Nature become more affordable and have the right to emphasis on establishing up for Flank/Rear Charges. Meanwhile, the Unicorn can still purchase Lightning Bolt (5) for cheap. If you desire to have some solid Ranged Support in your Forces of Nature build, Unicorns and Naiad Heartpiercers are definitely the means to go.

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Built to Grind

Looking generally throughout the army list, it seems clear that the Forces of Nature excel at grinding over all else. The ability to put together an reliable alpha strike simply isn’t tbelow anyeven more. They lost access to the Sp 7 Scout from the Warden’s Watch Formation, Flaxhoof and Flaxhoof’s Chosen (who hit significantly harder than their vanilla Centaur counterparts) are gone, and also the Naiad Wyrmriders shed Thunderous Charge. Instead, we are left with a bevy of devices that are slower, decent sufficient in melee, and also tough to shift via high De, or Ensnare, and/or Regeneration, and also can be sustained through Heal and/or Radiance of Life.

Everything Comes at a Price

As I have actually began to write all manner of different lists I store encountering the exact same difficulty – the Forces of Nature systems are expensive. It’s simply not possible to fit whatever you desire right into a single list at the 2000 point level. Compounding this problem is the fact that none of the many type of Spellcaster systems have accessibility to the full complement of Spells that you want and also need. If you want decent Heal and Bane Chant and Surge and Lightning Bolt then you’re most likely investing means too many points in three Spellcasters. In addition, the list has many type of Large Infantry devices which, while great, don’t sell you any kind of unlocks at the Regiment level. That means you are paying 200+ points for the majority of the unlocks in your list (Infantry and Large Infantry Hordes), which adds up easily. I think the challenge this presents players with is to make a list that is hyperconcentrated on a specific playstyle via no room to invest in extraneous devices.

Sample List and Tactics

The general agreement among the neighborhood is that the capability to grind in Melee is a crucial component of winning games in the third Edition. With that in mind, I’ve created a sample list to perform just that. It is a reasonably compact, elite list that can develop a very solid major fight line. It likewise has actually aspects that enhance the major battle line nicely.

Heavy Infantry

Horde of Salamander Primes – Chalice of Wrath 240

Horde of Salamander Primes – Dwarven Ale 240

These units are constructed to grind, which is why I elected to offer them Fury and also Headsolid. Tright here are great reasons to save them De 5+ yet additionally excellent factors to drop them to De 4+ and gain the added Crushing Strength. Which way to go will depfinish on individual preference.

Troop of Hunters of the Wild – 105

Troop of Hunters of the Wild – 105

These systems are good at blocking charges and clearing chaff.


Regiment of Centaur Bray Striders – Frenzied Otter 165

Regiment of Centaur Bray Striders – Frenzied Otter 165

These units provide a counter-punch once opponents obtain stuck in against the major fight line. They likewise have the right to job force on a flank and press against the enemy. They are delicate and only have 12 Att, yet the Frenzied Otter have to encertain they make it count when they charge right into the foe.


Greater Planet Elemental – 230

Greater Earth Elepsychological – 230

These systems will certainly sit on either end of the primary fight line and anchor it really properly. Like the Salamander Primes, they are developed to grind.


Tree Herder – 260

This unit sits in the facility of the main fight line and also excels in the grind and also offering support, through his Radiance of Life Aura and Surge (8).

Salamander Veteran – Guiding Flame <1> 85

This unit hides behind the main fight line and offers Elite to the Salamander Prime Hordes.

Unicorn – Wings, Bastion (2) <1>, Conjurer’s Staff 175

This unit supports the major battle line by raising Nerve with Bastion or Healing damages. He also adds a point of Unit Strength and also can also include some damage in melee in a pinch.

Total points: 2000

Total units: 11

Total Unit Strength: 20


I still love my Forces of Nature, and also despite some changes to the list, I am enthusiastic around fielding them on the tableheight. They are not as versatile from a playstyle standallude as they once were, however via the Sylvan Kin and also Order of the Eco-friendly Lady theme lists coming out, I think tright here will certainly be plenty of alternatives to expand your arsenal and develop a vast selection of armies.