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The Eleventh Edition of Life: The Science of Biology is engaging, energetic, and also concentrated on teaching the skills that students require in the majors biology course. New pedagogical attributes grab students’ attention and provide them a clear discovering course with the text. Active learning is a priority throughout the text and also media, including in the brand also brand-new and also distinct Active Learning Guide, providing instructors the assistance they must encourage students to “learn by doing.” Life continues and improves its emphasis on experiments and information, ensuring that students learn the abilities they have to succeed in their careers. It is this potent combination of expertly crafted pedagogy and also engagement that make this brand-new edition the ideal resource for biology students.

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The Eleventh Edition of Life: The Science of Biology retains its reputation as the book via the greatest high quality content, clarity of language, and also experimental focus, and also the brand-new emphasis and also attributes make it a Life worth investigating.Privacy Notice // Ads & Cookies // Terms of Use // Piracy // Accessibility // Code of Conduct // Site Map

Table of Contents

Part ONE The Science of Life and Its Chemical Basis 1 Studying Life2 Small Molecules and also the Chemisattempt of Life3 Proteins, Carbohydrates, and also Lipids4 Nucleic Acids and also the Origin of LifePart TWO Cells 5 Cells: The Working Units of Life6 Cell Membranes7 Cell Communication and MulticellularityPart THREE Cells and also Energy 8 Energy, Enzymes, and Metabolism9 Pathways that Harvest Chemical Energy10 Photosynthesis: Energy from SunlightPart FOUR Genes and Heredity11 The Cell Cycle and Cell Division12 Inheritance, Genes, and Chromosomes13 DNA and Its Role in Heredity14 From DNA to Protein: Gene Expression15 Gene Mutation and also Molecular Medicine16 Regulation of Gene ExpressionPart FIVE Genomes17 Genomes18 Recombinant DNA and also Biotechnology19 Genes, Development, and also EvolutionPart Six The Patterns and also Processes of Evolution20 Processes of Evolution21 Reconstructing and also Using Phylogenies22 Speciation23 Evolution of Genes and also Genomes24 The History of Life on EarthPart SEVEN The Evolution of Diversity25 Bacteria, Archaea, and Viruses26 The Origin and also Diversification of Eukaryotes27 Plants without Seeds: From Water to Land28 The Evolution of Seed Plants29 The Evolution and also Diversity of Fungi30 Animal Origins and the Evolution of Body Plans31 Protostome Animals32 Deuterostome AnimalsPart Eight Flowering Plants: Form and also Function33 The Plant Body34 Transport in Plants35 Plant Nutrition36 Regulation of Plant Growth37 Reproduction in Flowering Plants38 Plant Responses to Environmental ChallengesPart NINE Animals: Form and also Function39 Physiology, Homeostasis, and Temperature Regulation40 Animal Hormones41 Immunology: Animal Defense Systems42 Animal Reproduction43 Animal Development44 Neurons, Glia, and also Nervous Systems45 Sensory Systems46 The Mammalian Nervous System47 Musculoskeletal Systems48 Gas Exchange49 Circulatory Systems50 Nutrition, Digestion, and also Absorption51 Salt and also Water Balance and Nitrogen Excretion52 Animal BehaviorPart Ten Ecology53 The Physical Environment and Biogeography of Life54 Populations55 Species Interactions56 Communities57 Ecosystems58 A Changing Biosphere

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