Locust grove nature center

Locust Grove gives a natural sanctuary from the bustle of city life. To enter the Center you need to cross a bridge that is wonderful for young walkers and also lends a feeling of enchantment to your visit.

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Locust Grove is among the smaller sized nature centers with only one exhilittle room but it’s fairly lovely. A reproduction of a white oak appears to break with the ceiling. The branches reexisting the 4 periods. Native fauna such as owls and also squirrels surround the naturalistic tree. The room is also home to three live snakes and also a tree frog. Nature books, games and also blocks will certainly amusage the preschool set. Rockers and a check out of the bird feeders will certainly appeal to nursing mothers. The whole room has the feel of a tree house surrounded by windows. If you want to avail yourself of the indoors just, contact initially for room availcapability considering that the room is often closed for programs.

A brand-new earlier deck is the perfect spot for a cup of coffee or a picnic. It looks out over the Betsy Dotson Memorial Garden of indigenous plants through a charming bronze sculpture of two children and also a frog pond circled by bird feeders.

In front of the center is a nature expedition area, wbelow kids have the right to climb a wooden snake and also wood bears, play with wind chimes, develop a fort, or play in the sandbox (themed buckets are easily accessible to borrow inside the center). Slightly up the hill is a butterfly/hummingbird garden through picnic tables and beyond that is a pavilion with more picnic tables.

What the Center lacks in indoor area it even more than renders up for in outdoor area. It has actually 5 hiking trails. The longest is the Cabin John Stream Valley Trail at 1.9 miles however the various other trails are a simple .2 miles to virtually fifty percent a mile. Cabin John Stream Valley and also Oak Ridge Trails go through the woodland; Upland Meadow Trail has plenty of bluebird boxes and also goes via a meadow habitat. Pine Ridge Trail, Cattail and Cabin John Trails all bring about the Cabin John Creek, perfect for stream splashing and also wading. The creek also has a little beach. Cattail Trail has actually lots of actions bring about the stream yet is the most pleasant walk; Pine Ridge returns by means of the less scenic parking lot. Namong the trails are stroller or handicapped accessible. If you register for a precollege course, either make certain your kid is a good walker or lug your Baby Bjorn.

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The Center has a number of annual upcoming special occasions consisting of a Environment-friendly Thumb Festival on April 24th and also a Mudpie Contest on May 1fifth.

Classes, Activities and also More

The staff of naturalists at Locust Grove hold a selection of story times and programs for toddlers and also preschoolers, affordable camps and programs for older youngsters and fun events for the whole family members. Register at For a full listing of these tasks visit and search the Locust Grove Nature Center area. If you’re a member of Our Kids, every one of their programs are likewise noted in the weekly newsletter and also searchable in the Our Kids member database. To rent a camp fire ring, call the center for fees and availability. Naturalists also host institution teams, scouts and birthday parties.

Visiting the Nature Center

Locust Grove Nature Center is open up Tuesday through Saturday from 9 a.m.-5 p.m.; Sundays 12- 4 p.m. but closed to the public if there’s a birthday party (call first). Closed on Mondays and also major holidays. Trails open dawn to dusk. Tright here is no charge for admission. Most programs have a nominal admission fee of roughly $5.

Parking for the facility is ample. Picnic tables are located in assorted places. Tright here are transforming tables in both restrooms. A water fountain is outside of the restroom.