Mastering biology chapter 15

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When Thomas Hunt Morgan crossed his red-eyed F1 generation flies to each various other, the F2 generation consisted of both red- and also white-eyed flies. Remarkably, all the white-eyed flies were male. What was the explanation for this result? The gene involved is on the Y chromosome. Other male-specific factors affect eye shade in flies. The gene involved is on an autosome, however just in males. Other female-certain factors influence eye shade in flies. The gene involved is on the X chromosome.
Sturtevant gave genetic evidence for the presence of four pairs of chromosomes in Drosophila in which of these ways? Drosophila genes have, on average, 4 different alleles. Drosophila genes cluster right into 4 unique groups of attached genes. The as a whole number of genes in Drosophila is a multiple of 4. Tbelow are 4 major practical classes of genes in Drosophila. The whole Drosophila genome has approximately 400 map devices.
A woguy is uncovered to have 47 chromosomes, including three X chromosomes. Which of the complying with describes her intended phenotype? healthy and balanced female of slightly above-average elevation sterile female too much emotional instcapability enlarged genital frameworks masculine qualities such as facial hair
Cinnabar eyes is a sex-attached recessive characteristic in fruit flies. If a female having cinnabar eyes is crossed through a wild-kind male, what percent of the F1 males will have actually cinnabar eyes? 50% 75% 100% 0% 25%
In birds, sex is figured out by a ZW chromosome system. Males are ZZ and females are ZW. A recessive lethal allele that reasons fatality of the embryo is periodically existing on the Z chromosome in pigeons. What would certainly be the sex ratio in the offspring of a cross in between a male that is heterozygous for the lethal allele and also a normal female? 3:1 male to female 4:3 male to female 1:1 male to female 1:2 male to female 2:1 male to female
Sex determicountry in mammals is due to the SRY area of the Y chromosome. An abnormality of this area could allow which of the following to have a male phenotype? a perboy with an additional X chromosome Turner syndrome, 45, X a person with one normal and one shortened (deleted) X transplace of SRY to an autosome of a 46, XX individual Down syndrome, 46, XX
In people, clear sex differentiation occurs, not at fertilization, yet after the second month of geterminal. What is the first event of this differentiation? activation of SRY in male embryos and masculinization of the gonads activation of SRY in females and feminization of the gonads anatomical differentiation of a penis in male embryos formation of testosterone in male embryos formation of estrogens in female embryos
Duchenne muscular dystrophy is a significant problem caused by a recessive allele of a gene on the humale X chromosome. The patients have muscles that undermine over time because they have lacking or reduced dystrophin, a muscle protein. They rarely live past their 20s. How most likely is it for a womale to have this condition? One-fifty percent of the daughters of an influenced guy would certainly have actually this problem. Womales deserve to never before have actually this problem. One-fourth of the daughters of an influenced father and a carrier mommy could have actually this problem. Only if a woguy is XXX might she have actually this condition. Very rarely: it is rare that an affected male would certainly mate via a carrier female.
All female mammals have actually one active X chromosome per cell rather of 2. What reasons this? inactivation of the XIST gene on the X chromosome obtained from the male parent crossing over between the XIST gene on one X chromosome and a related gene on an autosome attachment of methyl (CH3) teams to the X chromosome that will certainly remajor active activation of the BARR gene on one X chromosome, which then becomes inenergetic activation of the XIST gene on the X chromosome that will certainly come to be the Barr body
Part ARefer to the adhering to indevelopment to answer the question below.A male who is an achondroplastic dwarf via normal vision marries a color-blind woman of normal elevation. The man"s father was 6 feet tall, and also both the woman"s paleas were of average height. Achondroplastic dwarfism is autosomal leading, and also red-green shade blindness is X-connected recessive.How many of their daughters could be supposed to be color-blind dwarfs? none three out of four fifty percent all one out of four
Refer to the complying with information to answer the question listed below.A male that is an achondroplastic dwarf via normal vision marries a color-blind woguy of normal height. The man"s father was 6 feet tall, and also both the woman"s parents were of average elevation. Achondroplastic dwarfism is autosomal leading, and red-green shade blindness is X-connected recessive.They have actually a daughter that is a dwarf via normal color vision. What is the probability that she is heterozygous for both genes? 50% 75% 0% 25% 100%
Part AWhich of the adhering to statements is true of linkage? All of the traits that Mendel studied–seed color, pod form, freduced shade, and also others–are because of genes connected on the very same chromosome. Linked genes are discovered on different chromosomes. Crossing over occurs in the time of prophase II of meiosis. The closer 2 genes are on a chromosome, the lower the probability that a crossover will take place in between them. The oboffered frequency of recombicountry of 2 genes that are much acomponent from each other has a maximum worth of 100%.
The closer 2 genes are on a chromosome, the lower the probability that a crossover will occur in between them
How would one explain a testcross entailing F1 dihybrid flies in which even more parental-type offspring than recombinant-kind offspring are produced? Both of the personalities are regulated by even more than one gene. The two genes are linked yet on various chromosomes. The testcross was imcorrectly performed. Recombination did not occur in the cell during meiosis. The two genes are very closely linked on the same chromosome.
Three genes (A, B, and C) at three loci are being mapped in a details species. Each gene has 2 alleles, one of which outcomes in a phenokind that is markedly different from the wild kind. The unexplained allele of gene A is inherited through the unexplained allele of gene B or C about 50% of the moment. However before, the inexplicable alleles of genes B and C are inherited together 14.4% of the moment. Which of the adhering to describes what is happening? The 3 genes are reflecting independent assortment. The three genes are connected. Gene A is attached yet genes B and also C are not. Gene A is assorting individually of genes B and also C, which are attached. Gene A is situated 14.4 map systems from genes B and also C.
What is one map unit tantamount to? the recombination frequency in between two genes assorting independently 1% frequency of recombination in between two genes the distance in between a pair of homologous chromosomes 1 nanometer of distance in between 2 genes the physical distance in between 2 connected genes

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Which statement about recombination between attached genes is correct? Recombicountry must occur or genes will certainly not assort independently. Without recombination there would be an inadequate number of gametes. The forces on the cell throughout meiosis II constantly lead to recombicountry. Recombination is a requirement for independent assortment. New allele combinations may cause differential reabundant success.
Map units on a affiliation map cannot be relied upon to calculate physical ranges on a chromosome for which of the complying with reasons? Linkage map ranges are the same between males and females. The relationship between recombicountry frequency and also map systems is different in eexceptionally individual. The frequency of crossing over varies alengthy the length of the chromosome. The gene order on the chromosomes is slightly different in every individual. Physical ranges between genes adjust in the time of the course of the cell cycle.
Use the adhering to information to answer the inquiries listed below.A plantfavor organism on the earth Pandora deserve to have actually three recessive genetic traits: bluish leaves, as a result of an allele (a) of gene A; a feathered stem, because of an allele (b) of gene B; and hollow roots due to an allele (c) of gene C. The three genes are attached and reincorporate as follows:A geneticist did a testcross with an organism that had actually been found to be heterozygous for the three recessive traits and also she was able to recognize progeny of the following phenotypic circulation (+ = wild type):PhenotypesLeavesStemsRootsNumber1a++142a+c03ab+324abc4405+b+06+bc167++c288+++470Total1,000If recombicountry frequency is equal to distance in map devices, what is the approximate distance in between genes A and also B? 30 map systems 15 map units 1.5 map units 3 map systems 6 map units
In a collection of mapping experiments, the recombination frequencies for four various attached genes of Drosophila were identified as shown in the number. What is the order of these genes on a chromosome map? vg-b-rb-cn cn-rb-b-vg rb-cn-vg-b b-rb-cn-vg vg-cn-b-rb
Part AUse the following indevelopment to answer the concerns below.A plantprefer organism on the planet Pandora have the right to have 3 recessive genetic traits: bluish leaves, because of an allele (a) of gene A; a feathered stem, due to an allele (b) of gene B; and also hollow roots because of an allele (c) of gene C. The 3 genes are linked and also reintegrate as follows:A geneticist did a testcross via an organism that had been found to be heterozygous for the three recessive traits and also she was able to recognize progeny of the complying with phenotypic distribution (+ = wild type):PhenotypesLeavesStemsRootsNumber1a++142a+c03ab+324abc4405+b+06+bc167++c288+++470Total1,000What is the best advantage of having provided a testcross for this experiment? The homozygous recessive paleas are evident to the naked eye. The homozygous parents are the just ones whose crossovers make a difference. Progeny deserve to be scored by their phenoforms alone. All of the progeny will be heterozygous. The homozygous recessive parents will be unable to cross over.
If cell X enters meiosis, and nondisjunction of one chromosome occurs in one of its daughter cells during meiosis II, what will be the result at the completion of meiosis? There will certainly be 3 additional gametes. 1/4 of the gametes descfinished from cell X will certainly be n + 1, 1/4 will be n - 1, and also 1/2 will be n. All the gametes descfinished from cell X will be diploid. Half of the gametes descfinished from cell X will certainly be n + 1, and also fifty percent will certainly be n - 1. Two of the 4 gametes descended from cell X will certainly be haploid, and also two will certainly be diploid.
A nonreciprocal crossover reasons which of the adhering to products? nondisjunction deletion and duplication duplication and also nondisjunction duplication just deletion only
Of the adhering to huguy aneuploidies, which is the one that mainly has actually the most severe affect on the health and wellness of the individual? 47, +21 47, XXY 45, X 47, XYY 47, XXX
A phenogenerally normal prospective couple seeks hereditary counseling bereason the man knows that he has actually a transarea of a part of his chromosome 4 that has been exchanged via a section of his chromosome 12. Although he is normal bereason his transarea is well balanced, he and also his wife desire to understand the probcapacity that his sperm will certainly be abnormal. What is your prognosis regarding his sperm? All will carry the same transarea as the father. 1/2 will be normal and the rest will have the father"s transarea. 1/4 will certainly be normal, 1/4 will have actually the transplace, and also 1/2 will have actually duplications and also deletions. His sperm will certainly be sterile and also the couple can take into consideration adoption. None will certainly lug the transarea because abnormal sperm will certainly die.
Abnormal chromosomes are frequently uncovered in malignant tumors. Errors such as transareas may place a gene in cshed proximity to various manage regions. Which of the following can then happen to make the cancer worse? death of the cancer cells in the tumor sensitivity of the immune device a decrease in mitotic frequency an increase in nondisjunction expression of inappropriate gene assets
An invariation in a humale chromosome regularly outcomes in no demonstrable phenotypic effect in the individual. What else may occur? The individual is even more likely to get cancer. Tright here is an raised frequency of mutation. Some abnormal gametes may be created. There might be deletions later on in life. All inverted chromosomes are deleted.
What is a syndrome? a team of traits, every one of which should be current if an aneuploidy is to be diagnosed a characteristic that only shows up in conjunction with one particular aneuploidy a characteristic trait normally provided the discoverer"s name a characteristic facial appearance a team of traits generally discovered in conjunction via a details chromosomal aberration or gene mutation
a team of traits typically uncovered in conjunction through a certain chromosomal aberration or gene mutation
A couple has a kid with Dvery own syndrome. The mom is 39 years old at the moment of shipment. Which of the adhering to is the a lot of probable reason of the child"s condition? The mommy had actually a chromosomal duplication. One member of the couple underwent nondisjunction in somatic cell manufacturing. One member of the couple lugged a transplace. The womale inherited this tendency from her parents. One member of the couple underwent nondisjunction in gamete manufacturing.
Which of the complying with is recognized as a Philadelphia chromosome? a huguy chromosome 22 that has had actually a details transplace an animal chromosome uncovered mainly in the mid-Atlantic area of the USA a chromosome uncovered not in the nucleus yet in mitochondria a human chromosome 9 that is found just in one kind of cancer an impublished chromosome that constantly originates from the mom
At what suggest in cell division is a chromosome lost so that, after fertilization with a normal gamete, the result is an embryo with 45, X?I. an error in anaphase III. an error in anaphase IIIII. an error of the initially postfertilization mitosisIV. an error in pairing III or IV just II or IV only I or II just I, II, or III only I, II, III, or IV
Correns defined that the inheritance of variegated shade on the leaves of particular plants was identified by the maternal parent just. What phenomenon does this describe? sex-affiliation mitochondrial inheritance genomic imprinting transmittable inheritance chloroplast inheritance
Genomic imprinting is generally due to the enhancement of methyl (–CH3) teams to C nucleotides in order to silence a offered gene. If this depends on the sex of the parent who transmits the gene, which of the following have to be true? Methylation have to be reversible in ovarian and testicular cells. Methylation of this sort have to occur more in males than in females. Genes required for beforehand advance steras need to not be impublished. Methylation of C is irreversible in a gene. The imprints are transmitted just to gamete-producing cells.
Mitochondrial DNA is primarily associated in coding for proteins required for electron carry. Therefore, in which body devices would certainly you mean the majority of mitochondrial gene mutations to be exhibited? the nervous and also muscular devices the circulation system the excretory and also respiratory devices the skin and senses the immune system and also the blood
Suppose that a gene on human chromosome 18 deserve to be imprinted in a offered pattern in a female parent yet not in a male parent. A couple in whom each maternal meiosis is adhered to by imprinting of this gene have actually kids. What deserve to we mean as a most likely outcome? Each of the kids will certainly imprint a various chromosome. All sons yet no daughters will bear their mother"s imprinting pattern. All sons and also daughters will have actually a 50% possibility of receiving the mother"s imprinting pattern. All the youngsters will certainly bear their mother"s imprinting pattern yet only daughters will then pass it down. All daughters but no sons will certainly bear their mother"s imprinting pattern.
All the youngsters will certainly bear their mother"s imprinting pattern however just daughters will then pass it down.
The pedigree in the number mirrors the transmission of a trait in a specific household. Based on this pattern of transmission, the trait is most most likely mitochondrial. autosomal recessive. sex-linked recessive. autosomal dominant. sex-connected dominant.