Mastering biology chapter 2 answers

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The nutritionist"s Calorie, which biologists contact a kilocalorie, is the indistinguishable of

________ heat-power calories.

The attractivity in between a slight positive charge on a hydrogen atom and the slight

negative charge of a adjacent atom is a ________.

Which of the adhering to describes an inexplicable home of water?

A) Three different physical phases

B) A solid state that is less thick than its

liquid state

C) Heat loss once changing from a liquid to a gas

D) Limited ionization

covalent bonds are the sharing of electrons between atoms, and ionic bonds are the carry of electrons from one atom to the other.
To keep a normal body temperature as soon as exposed to too much warmth, __________ is

provided to absorb excess calories of warm.

Its solid state is much less dense than its liquid state, and also it takes up huge amounts of heat

to change to its gaseous state

If you area a record towel in a dish of water, the water will move up the towel by capillary activity. What property of water offers increase to capillary action?

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the nonpolar parts of the detergent molecules associate via the oil and the polar

components of the detergent molecules associate through the water.

When potassium hydroxide (KOH) is included to water, it ionizes, releasing hydroxide ions.

This solution is

Acid rain is a serious ecological trouble. A sample of rainwater accumulated in the Adirondack Mountains had an H+ concentration of 10-4 mol/L. The pH of this sample
Cholesterol is written primarily of carbon and also hydrogen atoms. What property would

you mean cholesterol to have?

Butane and isobutane have the very same chemical formula however various arrangements of

atoms. These two compounds are called

How would you make 100 ml of an aqueous solution via a 0.25 M concentration of a

compound that has a molecular weight of 200 daltons?

Select the statement that explains a distinction between ionic bonds and also covalent bonds.

A) An ionic bond is more powerful.

B) Electron sharing is more equal in the covalant bond.

C) An ionic bond occurs even more frequently in aqueous solutions.

D) An ionic bond occurs just in acids.

E) A covalent bond occurs in nonpolar molecules.

Which of the complying with statements about the variety of bonds created by atoms is true? A) Oxygen develops one, carbon develops four, and hydrogen forms one.

B) Oxygen develops four, carbon forms four, and hydrogen forms 4.

C) Oxygen creates two, carbon forms four, and also hydrogen develops none.

D) Oxygen develops 2, carbon creates 4, and also hydrogen creates one.

E) Oxygen develops two, carbon creates 2, and also hydrogen creates 2.

Of the following forms of molecules, the one always containing nitrogen is

A) thiol.

B) sugar.

C) hydrocarbon.

D) alcohol.

E) amino acid.

Which pair has similar chemical properties? A) 1H and 22Na

B) 12C and also 28Si

C) 16O and 8S

D) 12C and also 14C

E) 8H and also 2He

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