Mastering Biology Concept Map Answers

When an assigned item has "Concept Map" in its title, you are first asked to construct a idea map and then answer questions around its principles. You build your map by dragging phrases to affix assorted terms. The concept map task is in Part A, via follow-up questions in later on parts. Complete idea map inquiries on a computer system, not on a smartphone.

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Sample concept map

Concept maps can have multiple solutions. To be scored at 100%, a map should meet the complying with conditions:

All terms should be linked within the map. All linking phrases should be offered at least as soon as. All scientifically precise relations need to create a single idea map. Tbelow deserve to be no disconnected pieces.


Tips for functioning via concept maps
Create a folder on your computer system to conserve your idea maps for the course.As you finish a map, you are triggered to download it as a picture. Do this to keep a record of all your principle maps. Your instructor might additionally research copies of your completed idea maps. Did you accidentally choose Submit for Part A as well soon? You can ask your instructor to reset the assignment. When an assignment is reset for you, you must reoccupational the whole assignment. (Concept map items in the assignment cannot be reset individually.) Any previously work-related you did on the recollection assignment is lost.

Video: Concept map entry and also scoring (4 min 20 sec video, through captions)

Create, downfill, and submit your idea map

You work in the Concept Map window to construct, save, and downpack a copy of your scored map. Then you submit your job-related in Part A of the Mastering assignment window and also complete the rest of the item concerns.

1. Launch the Concept Map home window and also develop your map
Select Launch Concept Map in package for Part A in the Mastering assignment home window.


The Concept Map home window opens.

Read the basic instructions and select Start.

To develop your map making use of your keyboard only: Choose Switch to key-board version over the workroom in the Concept Map window. A message allows you understand that any type of previously map occupational will certainly be erased.

Drop a linking expression into the workroom on the left.


The linking phrases continue to appear on the ideal, even after you have actually provided one or more phrases in your map.

Connect the linking phrase to 2 terms. This link is dubbed a proposition.


Tips: Before pick linking terms, think about grouping terms that might be connected in the workroom. As you connect terms, pay attention to the direction of the arrow. Linking phrases might be used more than when.

Organize the propositions in the workroom to develop a single map that mirrors the relationships among all the terms. As you job-related you can:Unperform your last action: Select Undo. Recollection the workspace: Select Clear All to start over.

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To continue functioning on your conserved map: Select Launch Concept Map from the Mastering assignment window to reopen your conserved map in the Concept Map window.

You can conserve your map and relaunch the Concept Map home window an unlimited number of times—until you click the Submit switch for Part A. Once you click this Submit switch, you can no much longer relaunch the Concept Map home window to check out or modify your map.

2. Submit your map for scoring feedearlier and also downpack the map

When you think your map is done, choose Submit Map from the Concept Map window.

Mastering checks to watch whether your concept map is complete. (A complete map calls for that all terms and also phrases are supplied in a solitary map of connected propositions.)

If your map is incomplete: A message increates you that your map is incomplete. Select Resume to continue working on your map until it is complete. If your map is complete: Select Submit to watch your current score and which map relationships are correct or incorrect. Otherwise, pick Resume to testimonial the connections and also perhaps reoccupational your map before choosing Submit Map and then Submit.

Select Save & Download to save a record of your completed concept map as a photo file.

Your instructor may research duplicates of your completed concept maps. (Unlike other answers you submit, neither you nor your instructor have the right to watch your completed concept maps from the Mastering course.)

Locate the downloaded image: The downloaded map photo might appear in a internet browser tab or home window. If you don"t watch the downloaded principle map file, check behind other open windows. Save the photo file: Do a Save As and assign a coherent name to the concept map. Create a folder to save all your map images from the course. Return to the Concept Map home window to view your current score at the peak of the page, such as "0.5 out of 1 point". See listed below for indevelopment about exactly how principle maps are scored.The correct
or incorrect
propositions are marked on your map. Your instructor deserve to check out this score, even though it hasn"t been recorded in the Mastering gradebook yet. Select the Reference Concept Map tab to compare your principle map to a version one for these terms and phrases. (Concept maps have the right to have multiple options.) To reoccupational your principle map, clear all of your occupational, reperform your map, download it, and also then resubmit it from the Concept Map window.
3. Mastering assignment window: Submit your final map score and complete the item

Be certain that your idea map is last prior to you finish this following action. You deserve to just submit your concept map task score in the Mastering assignment home window one time. This is true, regardless of the variety of answer attempts stated in the assignment grading policy.

Return to the Mastering assignment home window and pick Submit for Part A.

Your concept map credit is now used to the Mastering assignment item. You can"t relaunch the Concept Map window from Part A.

Answer the continuing to be part questions to complete the item. As you answer questions, you might desire to refer to the Reference Concept Map (in the Concept Map home window, if it is still open) or to your downloaded principle map.

Your latest idea map score appears as a percentage in the box for Part A in the Mastering assignment home window when you pick Save or Submit Map from the Concept Map window. (The Mastering assignment window might be surprise behind the open up Concept Map window.)

Your score might be among the following percentperiods.

100% (complete credit): All terms have been connected properly in a solitary finish map. 50% (partial credit): The concept map is finish, but there are one or more errors in the attached terms (propositions). 0% (no credit): You haven"t completed your principle map. Either you haven"t connected all terms and linking phrases, you haven"t developed a single map, or both.

The photo listed below reflects your present principle map score ("Your score on this component is 50%.") reported in Part A prior to you click Submit for the part. See following section for details around exactly how this credit is applied within the assignment item.


You usually gain 1 allude for completing a Concept Map item, unmuch less your instructor alters this default.

Crmodify for Concept Map items is used the very same method as it is for the majority of Mastering items:

All of the parts in a Concept Map item (A, B, C, and so on.) add equally towards the item score.

To see item score information: First select the assignment name from either the Scores or Assignments page, and then pick the percent score for the item.


The component score details for a sample Concept Map item are displayed below. This student obtained 50% crmodify for the concept map in Part A and also didn"t gain any type of crmodify for the question in Part E. The scores for Parts A-F are tallied and also then split by 6, the variety of parts. The total score for the item is 75%.


For even more information about part score information, check out Item score details (component by part).