Okay, I do not have actually the ideal manage on wrangling data varieties in Matlab, yet to me it looks favor Matlab is just not recognizing that I have actually a selection of numbers of which some are composed in clinical notation.

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My data comes in like this:(see confusion document attached), wright here some numbers are written in clinical notation and some are not. Excel appears to have the ability to recognize the scientific numbers as numbers and also provides to readjust the data form if I click on the cells. However before, Matlab simply reads in the information (i"m making use of readtable) as characters(I think) and I cannot number out how I deserve to make matlab view the table as numerical worths.
I"ve been running around the forums for a while however I can not check out what I"m lacking right here or a previously asked question that helps me.
My goal below is that I am coalescing the data of many kind of files(600+) that are prefer confusion.xlsx into one larger file, however needs to be composed into this bigger file as a number, not as a character.

Huh. That"s absolutely a PIT proverbial appendage; that would certainly seem worthy of an enhancement request/practically bug report.
I also resaved the spreadsheet after converting the data format storage to numeric rather of basic and also it still couldn"t recognize it. That"s simply not nice for a scientific/engineering toolcollection.

After converting the cells to keep information as a number/in numeric format (by making use of Convert to Number alternative in Excel), readtable reads it as a numeric worth (by default).
Refer the readtable documentation as it mentions that the correct data-kind of the first cell is used for the entire column, given that the cell format was collection as text information, MATLAB reads the entire column as message (string) data.

As detailed, I resaved the spreadsheet through the format as NUMERIC and also gained the same result...what is different in that case...

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I had assumed that some editing and enhancing within excel would certainly deal with Matlab reading the information as personalities. That is a solution, however not a feasible one because I have 600+ records to carry out this procedure through.

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