Mili Ga1Ahad And Scientific Witchery

So as I understand also the song is about a witch wanting to resurrect someone, having some failed attempts, the one she resurrects currently has actually memory issues and also assaults her, and also the the finish of the song is open finished because they heal up from the damage(?).

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Also not helping that the illustration looks choose she slipped really badly and is crashing into his sword at high speed.

Am I getting it right?


I don’t think it’s about Ga1ahad actually having actually memory issues. It’s more favor it’s about one-sided love.

The Witch (her name is Tellulu by the way) loves Ga1ahad, but he has absolutely no love for her and has constantly wished to kill her most likely because he thinks she’s evil in some method. She doesn’t understand also why he still desires her dead after reviving him, and also Ga1ahad doesn’t understand also why she went via all the effort to revive him, yet it seems favor at the finish they try to relocate previous whatever difficulties they had actually.

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Did they declared her name?

After listening to this song a lot more I'm certain it's actually the story of them falling in love.

I also construed more of the symbolism in the illustration:

She is falling towards him. It's a widespread trope to represent falling in love by the fated lovers being illustrated falling in the direction of each other just before contact and also in computer animation literally crashing right into each other all of a sudden. He is resisting it through violence but it is futile bereason it doesn't soptimal her from crashing into him and she won't die from the wounds either symbolized by them glowing and also the bottle of Mercury on the display which is believed to be the key to immortality in Alchemy(magical science... Scientific Witchery... ;P).

She has white hair which symbolizes age and wisdom, however looks young symbolizing her immortality and knowledge(or simply cool. It is pretty cool after all).

The tea and also sandwiches indicate the tea party where things get out of hand, also the means everything flies approximately show the sheer force of emotions at play(love is a HURRICANE!).

She has a clueless expression while he looks pertained to and is trying to bfinish backwards reflecting that she is helplessly falling for him, while he is trying to fight his emotions.

The song has two singers representing Ga1ahad actually and also Tellulu. When they sing together it's somepoint they both think or feel.

Their love reflects in indicators of affections dropped below and there. Dere kinds via their mixed signals... They are both Mayadere(adversary ending up being a friend/lover).

Her characterization comes from her doing points while his comes from him talking about himself mirroring that she goes via the circulation of emovements while he is trying to fight it clinging to his past and also identity.

The magical potion of reanimation ... Rise from bed my darling -WitchBittersweet cranberry flavoured euphoria -Knight

Flavoring the Potion of Reanimation(potions are normally horrid and also even badepend consumable without it coming appropriate out again tasting in fantasy)... isn't she a sweetheart?

So I can check out you againSo I deserve to kill you aobtain -bothMy brains accelerate -KnightAnd I'll -Witch Reassemble you aget -both

Tellulu provides "villain monologue" about reviving him to kill him again and again.Ga1ahad actually drops that he wants to reassemble her after killing her too. HMMMM.....

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The witches can't be lovedSo bravely I foughtThey dropped and also failedMy Lady doesn't wilt -Knight

Ga1ahad actually claims that he eliminated many kind of witches.The witches can't be loved line might come from him trying to deny his eactivities or just his past attitude.The my Lady doesn't wilt line sounds choose he is trying to host onto his Lady's image over the looks of Tellulu that is immortal and does not age.His train of thoughts are either interrupted by Tellulu's singing or it's just the quick pacing of the song.

Lata lulila lulula lilula taLata lulila lulula lulalilaLata lulila lulula lilula taLata lulila lulula lulalilaPoisoned sandwich tea party starts nowEat upIf you're lucky you won't rot -WitchEat upIt's your turnEat till you drop -KnightEat upMaybe this time you'll be recorded -WitchEat upFill your stomach till it pops -KnightEat upEat it all simply eat it allCausage there's no poiboy after all -both

(What a bunch of tsunderes. Get a room!)

Looking at their dialogue later this part is just their feelings given that the component starts with it being a poichild tea party while literal poiboy more than likely can't hurt either of them so poison refers to their hate towards each various other. Also their wording and also tone is different when they have actually a dialogue later.The part ends through both singing "there's no poison after all" definition "I don't really hate you."

Also reanimating him just to kill him aobtain and also aget, yet she is currently happily singing while preparing a tea party through him.... HMMMMMMMM....

I've cleared mountains and dungeonsIron maidenMy Lady has spoken"Ga1ahad actually, you will certainly shall never collapse"So I charged up my lasers -Knight

(Fate reference? ;P)

More characterization to Ga1ahad. Also trying to cling into his loyalty in the direction of his Lady.

Talila lulilaThat makes your bones stronger than steelTulila talilaThat backs up your thoughts to the cloudTruth or falseIt's the logic that dictates it allRising edge ticks the clockStimulates your flip flopGenerateOscillateLet your blood fill the gatesMultiplexProcess registrationWipe off your pusGrind dvery own your vitaminsThe finish justifies the meansOpen the bookTurn to web page 617 -- Scientific Witchery

Another sign of affection from her is the initially things she does when reanimating him is to enhance his body and make certain his mind is safe.

Some bit characterization to Tellulu through the singing showing that she enjoys witchery as much as preparing tea parties.

Also I just love this comprehensive reanimation process.

I'll dominate the land and have actually you slayed -KnightBlast awayBlast awayDon't be like Lancel0tYou are the new upgrade -WitchI appreciate your thoughtsBut you've given me as well a lot to toleprice -KnightI've done so a lot for youBut you treat me this means -Witch

This is their only actual dialogue in the time of the song from their wording.

Ga1ahad decides to attempt to do his duty and slay her which in not possible given that she is immortal.

Also alert just how polite he is despite he is dealing with a wicked witch he supposedly hates and also views as a monster? At least try to act prefer you are serious male. ;P

No forgiveness for this endless loveMy goddess never before looked at me -both

"God never before looks at ...." is a saying meaning someone is in continuous misfortune or basic misery though their whole life.

To me it basically sounds prefer it is intended both literally and metaphorically right here so they are basically feeling like:"Our love is forbidden, but our stays are miserable anyway/but the Goddess never looks at us anyway"

Finally our wounds closed -KnightOur wounds closed -WitchTurned into -KnightPurple scabs -bothKiss me tenderly gently violently -both

The fight is over and they are alive.

Also they are passionately making love.

This end was unavoidable because Ga1ahad actually might had been willing to attempt to cling to his identification and also loyalties and attempt to fight his feelings it was futile because he never before had indicates to kill her and also he can't fight his feelings any type of much longer.

There's no unperform and also there's no repeat -WitchCan't go back to how we used to be -KnightThere's no rebegin yet only proceedTake up from wbelow we've left off and watch -both

The song ends on a happy note.Ga1ahad is no longer a witch slaying knight serving his Lady and Tellulu is no longer a Wicked Witch.