Two types- a&b. a is straight associated in the light reaction. b is an accessory pigment and also does not absorb a lot green light.

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How would the light reactivity be impacted if tright here were no concentration gradient of protons throughout the thylakoid membrane?
What framework that is found in the thylakoid membrane and is vital to chemiosmosis is not shown in the light reaction diagram? What does this structure make?
CO2 is taken from the air, and also 5 RUBP include to it. Creating 2 sets of 3 PGA. this adds with ATP and NADPH producing 3 G3P which moves into 5 RUBP and also the cycle starts again.
Why is it crucial to have both chlorophyll a and accessory pigments (like chlorophyll b and cartenoids)
Chlorophyll a is directly associated in photosythesis while the accessory pigments help chlorophyll a capture even more light energy
During the hottest component of the day, their stomatas close. This causes CO2 levels to reduced so C4 plants have actually advanced to attach CO2 to 4-c molecule to help cope.

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CAM plants use their stomatas all day so at night they fix CO2 so they can percreate the calvin cycle throughout the day.
Why perform plants want to close their stomata? What gas builds up inside as soon as they are closed? What gas cannot get it?
Plants cshed their stomata to limit water loss. When they are closed O2 builds up inside and also CO2 cannot enter.
The light reactions create ATP and NADPH which are essential by the Calvin cycle. The Calvin cycle produces ADP and also NADP+ and phosphates that are provided in the light reactions.
What would happen to photosynthesis if every one of the thre-carbon sugars developed in the calvin cycle were used to make organic compounds?

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