Molecular cell biology lodish 6th edition pdf

Harvey Lodish, Arnold Berk, Chris A. Kaiser, Monty Krieger, Matthew P. Scott, Anthony Bretscher, Hidde Ploegh, Paul Matsudaira

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PusLIsHgn: SaraT enneyExecurrvE Eonon: Katherine AhrDpvEr-opneNrRI- Eorrons: Matthew Tontonoz, Erica PantagesF rost, Elizabeth RiceAssocIRrp Pnoyrcr MexecBR: Hannah ThonetAssrsreNr EorroR: Nick TymoczkoAsssocrerED nacton op MeRrrrrNc: Debbie ClareSeNIoRP no;ecr Eonon: Mary Louise ByrdTsxr DpsrcNBR: Marsha CohenPacp Mnreup: Aptara, Inc.CovpR Drsrcrs:B lakeL oganIlLuslReltoN CooRorNetoR: SusanT immrnsILrustR,q.rroNs: Nerjob-related Graphics, Erica Beade,H . Adam SteinbergPuoro Eorron: CeciliaV arasPHoro RpseencHrn: Christina MicekPRooucnoN CooRoneton: Susan 7einMron RNo Suppr-rvENTSE DrroR: Hannah ThonetMron DEvgLoplns: Biostudio, Inc., Sumanas,I nc.CotvtposrrloN: Aptara, Inc.MeNupRcruRrNG: RR Donnelley & SonsC ompanyAbout the cover: Mitotic PtK2 cellsi n late anaphases tainedb lue for DNA and also greenf or tubulin. Courtesyo f Torsten gittguy.Library of CongressC ataloging-in-PublicationD ataMolecular cell biology I Harvey Lodish . . . . -6th ed.p. cm.Includesb ibliographicalr eferencesa nd index.1. Cytology. 2. Molecular biology. I. Lodish, Harvey F.QH581.2.M6552 00757L5-dc22 2007006188ISBN-13 : 978 -0-71 67- 76 01-7ISBN-10:0 -71 67- 7 601-4

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1986,1.990,1 995,2000,2004,2008 by tJf.H . Freemana nd CompanyAll civil liberties reserved.Printed in the United Stateso f AmericaSecondp rintingW. H. Freemana nd Company41 Madikid Avenue,N ew York, NY 10010Houndmills, BasingstokeRG21 6XS,

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To our studentsa nd to our teachers,from whom we continuet o learn,and also to our famil iesf,o r their assistance,encouragemenat,n d love

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PREFACEn composing the sixth edition of Molecular Cell Biology what we recognize. A variety of speculative organisms,f romI we have actually included many of the spectaculara dvances yeastst o worms to mice, are offered throughout so the studentI I made over the previous four years in bioclinical science,d riven deserve to seeh ow discoveriesm ade via a "lower organism" canin component by new speculative technologiest hat have revolu- Iead directly to insights also around human biology and dis-tionized many kind of fields. High-velocity techniquesf or sequenc- ease.T his speculative approach, noticeable in the message itself,ing DNA, for instance,h aveg eneratedt he completes equence has actually additionally been thoroughly integrated right into the pedagogicalof dozens of eukaryotic genomes;t hese consequently have caused framework. For example:important discoveriesa bout the company of the humangenome and regulation of gene expression,a s well as novel r Experipsychological Figures lead students through importantinsights into the advancement of life-develops and also the attributes of speculative results.individual members of multiprotein families. New imagingtechniquesh ave generatedp rodiscovered revelations about cell r Standard Experiments essaysf ocus on historically impor-organization and also motion, and brand-new molecular structures tant and Nobel Prize-winninge xperiments.have significantly increaseperform ur expertise of life processesr New and revised Analyzet he Documents difficulties at the endsuch as cell-cell signaling, photosynthesis,g ene transcrip-of each chapter require the student to synthesizer eal ex-tion, and also chromatin framework.perimental data to answer a serieso f inquiries.r Updated Perspectives for the Future essays exploreNew Author Teampotential applications of future discoveriesa nd unansweredTwo brand-new authors have actually been crucial in refocusing this questionst hat lie ahead in research towards these exciting new advances. AnthonyBretscher of Cornell College is recognized for identifying andcharacterizing new components of the actin cytoskeleton andelucidating their organic attributes in relation to cell polarityand also membrane traffic. Hidde Ploegh, of the MassachusettsInstitute of Technologg has made significant contributions to ourknowledge of immune system habits, especially inregard to the various methods that viruses employ to evade ourimmune responsesa nd the means our immune systemr esponds.Both authors are extensively well-known for their researcha s wellas their classroomt eachinga bilities.'We are grateful to Paul Matsudaira, Jim Darnell, LarryZipurskS and also David Baltimore for their superior contri-butions to the previous editions of Molecular Cell Biology.Much of their vision and also understanding is noticeable at many placesin this book.ExperimentaEl mphasisFluorescenmceic roscopsyh owst he locationo f DNAa nd multipleThe hallmark of Molecular Cell Biology has always beent he proteinws ithint he samec ell.l FromB N G Giepmaents a l, 2006S, cienceusage of experimentst o teach students exactly how we have learned 3'12:21| 7 v t l

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Coiled-coisl talk New DiscoveriesN,e w MethodologiesMethodological advances continue to expand also and also enrichour knowledge of molecular cell biology and lead to newknowledge. Following are just a choice of the newMotor headspeculative methodologiesa nd cutting-edges ciencei ntro-Neckl inkers Microtubule ( + ) duced in this edition:r Expanded coverage of proteomics, including organelleproteome profiling and also advances in mass spectroscopy(Chapter3 )I Forwardm otorb indsB -tubulin,^ releasinAgD P r Expandedc overageo f RNAi, including the useo f shRNAsto inhilittle bit any gene of interemainder in a cultured cell or organism(Chapters5 , 8)r Updated discussionso f chromatin, including framework andcondensation( Chapter6 ), manage of genee xpressionb y chro-matin remodeling (Chapter 71, and also chromatin-remodelingp Forwardh eadb indsA TP proteins and tumor development( Chapter 25)?r Evolution of chromosomes and the mitochondrion(Chapter 6)r New molecular models, including pre-initiation complexand mediator facility (Chapter 7); annular phospholipidsp Conformationacl hangei n (Chapter 1,0);C az* ATPase( Chapter 11); rhodopsin, trans-neckl inkerc ausesr ear ducin, and protein kinase A (Chapter 15); and also myosinhead to swing forward ATPase (Chapter 17)r Latest advancesi n light and electron microscopy,i nclud-ing cryoelectron tomography (Chapter 9)r Reactive oxygen species( ROS) (Chapter 12)< rue* forwardh eadr eleaseAs DB^ trail ingh eadh ydrolyzesATP r Role of supercomplexesi n electron deliver (Chapter 12)V andr eleasePs .r Human epidermal growth variable receptors (HERs) andtreatment of cancer (Chapter 16)r Myosin ATPasec ycle (Chapter 17)r Kinesin-1M Pase cycle (Chapter 18)r Use of retrovirus infection for tracing cell lineage(Chapter2 1)r Axon guidance molecules (Chapter 23)r Somaticg ener earrangementi n immune cells (Chapter 24)r Cancers tem cells (Chapter2 5)r Use of DNA microvariety analysis in tumor typing(Chapter2 5)Figure1 8-22K inesin-u1s esA TPt o "walk"d owna microtubulevi l l PREFACE

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