Nature 2 Spa Cartridge Instructions

What is Nature²

Nature2 SPA immediately dissolves trace amounts of minerals such as silver and also copper right into your spa water, sanitizing the water, and damaging bacteria and also virprovides. This mineral sanitizer reduces the need for harsh chemicals, interpretation your skin and also eyes will certainly feel much much better, and you’ll spend less time and also money maintaining your spa. Nature2 SPA gives cleaner, clearer, softer water, resulting in an extra enjoyable spa experience. You have the right to likewise suppose boosted performance of ozone-equipped systems. It’s suitable for spas approximately 500 gallons.

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Chemicals you will need:

 Nature2  SPA Stick Nature2 Cense Test Strips: Nature² Spa Test Strips Di-chlor: Proteam Spa Di-Chlor Balancer: Spa Up,  Spa Down

Optional chemicals

For standard start-up, we suggest the Nature2 Spa Starter Kit.

Nature² SPA Start-up Procedure:


Drain your Spa if it has actually been unprovided or unattended.NOTE: When converting from a biguanide or bromide treated spa to a Nature2 system, the spa need to be completely drained and refilled. Zodiac warranty does not cover cartridges supplied through biguanide assets.Before starting up a brand-new Nature2 Spa, clean debris and algae out of the spa and spa devices.Relocation your filter f necessary – at start-up is a good time to install a new filter; it’s a good concept to store 2 filters on hand; 1 can be provided as a back up.Prior to refilling the spa, it’s a good concept to thoapproximately clean the spa shell and also cover.Here’s a product that can assist you in that endeavor: Natural Chemistry Clean & Perfect, 22 oz. Trigger Spray.NOTE: Avoid family members cleaners, which reason foaming concerns and throw off PH balance.

Refilling the spa


Do not install the new Nature2 Spa till the spa water is clean and also balanced.– Alkalinity need to be between 80-120 ppm– pH must be in between 7.2-7.8 ppm

Install the Nature² Spa Stick:

Minimum compelled filter size have to be around 7″. When you insert the Nature 2 Spa Purifier, make certain it sits at leastern 1″ above the bottom of the filter to protect against restricting water flow; minimum filter opening and also core diameter need to be 1-1/4″. NOTE: ONLY install Nature2 after spa water is balanced



Superoxidize (shock) the spa water via Proteam Spa Di-Chlor.Add 1.5 tablespoons ( approximately ¾ ounce or 24 grams) of di-chlor to spa per 250 gallons.Initial superoxidation with di-chlor is required to burn off contaminants and activate the Nature2 cartridge.NOTE : Do not enter the spa if the cost-free available chlorine residual is over 5 ppm.

Run the spa:

According to spa manufacturer recommendations; typically 4 hrs minimum.

What does the maintenance schedule look like?


Run spa according to spa manufacturer recommendations; frequently 4 hrs minimum.


Eincredibly 4 Months:

Drain and refill your spa. Relocation Nature2 SPA stick and also repeat sanitizer start-up.Use the month indicator decal to recognize the day on which the cartridge have to be reput.Always revolve spa off before installing or changing Nature2 Spa.Your spa is operated under push and also the pressure need to be released before maintenance.Please check out your very own spa owner’s manual for additionally instructions. A cartage lasts 4 months. The cartridge have to not be supplied much longer than 4 months.

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Before each Use:

After each use:

If the Test Strip indicated levels listed below the acceptable array, include tbsp of Cense per 250 gallons and re-test. Get in spa just after test spilgrimage indicates a enough level of MPS.

As needed:

Shock treat through 1.5 tbsp of Di-Chlor per 250 gallons to remedy difficulties that may occur once bathing tons are high, as soon as succeeding Test Spilgrimage readings show high demand for MPS, when water appears hazy or dull, when unpleasant odors or eye irritation occurs, after hefty wind and also rain, or if foam establishes.Check the spa filter periodically and clean it per manufacturer’s referral.


Is Nature² mineral sanitizer a filter?

No. A filter is designed to rerelocate particles and also debris from the water. Nature2 keeps your pool sanitized by damaging bacteria too small for a filter to rerelocate. You will certainly still should usage a filter through the Nature2 system.

Do I still have to use chlorine with Nature² Mineral Sanitizer?

Yes, you constantly need a little amount of residual oxidizer to sanitize the water. Nature2 enables you to minimize the chlorine level to simply 0.5 ppm. At this level you won’t feel, smell, or be influenced by chlorine.

How carry out I know if Nature² is working?

You’ll alert a huge difference in water quality. Water that feels and also looks better reflects Nature2 mineral sanitizer is functioning correctly. Of course, routinely testing the water also confirms improved conditions. Which commodities should be avoided when using, or planning to usage, Zodiac Nature 2 mineral sanitizer?

Chlorine-cost-free disinfectants of the PHMB form (or “biguanides”): Baquacil, Revacil, Oxyline. Products containing copper.

The benefits of making use of Nature² SPA:

Provides eco-friendly protection from harmful bacteria.Reduces skin and eye irritation.Combines through Nature2 Cense to produce fragrant aroma, elimination unpleasant odors.Low Maintenance and low cost; lasts approximately 4 months.Compatible via most suction-side and also pressure-see spa filters.

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