Nature Birthday Party Ideas

Ah! The weather has actually began to warmup a bit and also we have loved playingoutside! I love walking about my yard to check out my tulips peeking up via the dirt. I freshly had a really fun day with my kids and 3 of my nieces and also all of the things we did would make a really fun Nature Party!If your kids are fans of the brand-new present on PBS – Nature Cat – this would make a really fun Nature Cat Birthday Party!


Nature Party Ideas:

We began the afternoon by taking a picnic lunch to a regional duck pond. After eating the girls loved feeding the ducks some bcheck out and then went on a Nature Scavenger Hunt! We found pine cones, feathers and little sticks to use in our Nature Party Crafts!


Nature Party Craft: Rock Birds

I sent the girls out to my garden to discover a smooth rock to paint while I put up the gives.

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Here’s what you’ll require (various other than rocks):

I instructed the girls to paint their birds any shade combination they chosen. They painted the front and the earlier and then we let them dry a little before gluing on the eyes and feathers.

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I let the girls pick the feather placement and that became my favorite part of the entire craft! They all did such a cute job making distinct birds!


Nature Party Craft: Pine Cone Bird Feeders

Here’s what you’ll need:

YarnPeanut Butter

After tying a size of yarn roughly the height of each pine cone, I had them slather them with peanut butter. It’s essential to acquire it up in in between the layers so run your knife in both directions as soon as applying the peanut butter. Then we had them roll the pine cone in bird seed and also hung them in our tree. One still had a stick of pine needles on it and also that was my favorite one! So cute!


Nature Party Craft: Painting Bird Houses

We had actually the girls all paint one side of a huge bird home, however you could purchase each guest a little Bird House

and have them paint their own. They really loved this craft and were so excellent around complimenting each various other. After it dried we added some of the pine cones, feathers and twigs we had gathered at the park.

That’s all we did for our afternoon, however if you’re looking to revolve this right into a BIRTHDAY PARTY, below are some additional ideas:

Nature Party Food Ideas

Dirt and worm cups – chocolate pudding as the base, crushed Oreo cookies layered on optimal of that via a gummy worm on height.A trail mix stationServe “Bug Juice” – which deserve to be any juice you favor through a cute label

Nature Party Decor Ideas

I’d go via burlap and plassist fabrics and accent via slabs of tree circles, pine cones, pine boughs and twine. These can additionally job-related great for a camping themed party.

Nature Party Favors

These bug catchers would be really cute to sfinish residence via each guest and they are just about $1.50 each!

I also love the multi colored binoculars! You could pair the two together for a Nature Kit to sfinish home! Or, better yet, have them usage them while you are on the Nature Scavenger Hunt in the time of the party!



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