Nature Boy Primus Lyrics

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I pull the blinds then I take my clothing offDance roughly the residence prefer nature boyMy genitalia and also pectoral muscles aren"tQuite what I would certainly like them to beBut you don"t see meNo one deserve to view meI pull my blindsFill out my revenue taxation formPen in hand I write so legiblyI have my kitty. His name is Allowishus, I stroke himBut you do not check out meNo one have to see meI pull the blindsFor the sunlight glares off my tele and I uncover it quite so irritatingI have actually my videos-lots of Ren and StimpyBottom-a bit of pornographyBut you don"t watch meNo one have to see meI"ve been persecuted given that I sailed in via the door!And I"ve been known to sing a song in 3 and also 4 and also 5!And I"ve been gettin my ass chewed out given that the day I arrived here!
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