Nature Creation Upper Body Wrap

Premium formula (50% more energetic herbs) – increases the products potency, aroma stamina and durability.Designed to conform roughly the shoulder and also neck top earlier and also chest location assuring optimal therapeutic benefits.Velcro Strap secure it in place permitting free motion.Superior hot & cold retention.Can be used for Hot, Moist & cold treatment.Contains 100% organic ingredients.MSRP $99.99
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100% satisfactivity guaranteed

If you are not satisfied for any type of factor via our products, you might rerotate it for a replacement or remoney within 30 days of receipt. Terms use.">

Heat in the microwave to:


Cool in the freezer to:


Relieve muscles pain and also aches.Reduce minor joint pain.Relieve minor headaches.Promote overall relaxation.Relieve pain due to injured muscles.Relieve minor headaches.Relieve minor burns and bruises.Reduce swelling and fever before.

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The significance of Aromatherapy



Product size: Approximately 18.0" x 11.0" x 1.25’’

Applications: Hot/moist/cold

Material/ Fabric: Corduroy towel (100% cotton)

Warranty – 12 month manufacturer warranty.

Proudly made in

Initial Heating TimeAdditional Heating TimeReusage Heating TimeFreezing Time
90 Seconds15 Seconds45 Seconds1-2 Hours

To usage as warm pack: Prior to heating, rerelocate any type of paper and plastic packaging from the wrap.

Heat the wrap in the microwave for 1½ minutes. If the wrap is not heat enough, warmth for one more 15 seconds. To reusage after application, rewarm for 45 secs. If the microwave does not have a turntable, turn the wrap over halfmethod via the heating procedure to also out the temperature of the wrap and prevent hot spots. Do not overwarmth the product.

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For moist heat: Prior to heating, mist the fabric lightly through water. Do not saturate the product. Do not soak or acquire the herbs wet.

To usage as a cold pack: For reliable cold usage, put the wrap inside a plastic sealable bag and also put in freezer for 1 to 2 hrs.

Storage: When not in usage, keep the wrap in a plastic sealable bag in the freezer. Prior to first storage, warmth the wrap in the microwave on high for 1 minute and then keep inside the freezer as instructed.


For exterior use only. Use as directed.Do not overheat the pack. Overheating the pack may cause burns and also will damage the product.Side results may happen in civilization via allergies to filling ingredients. If allergies happen, disproceed use immediately.Do not saturate the product – Do not soak or gain the herbs wet.