1. What is the environment?

The environment includes herbal factors and also artificial material components that are closely regarded each various other, surround civilization, and also influence life, production, existence and development of people and nature. .” (According to Post 1, Law on Environpsychological Protection of Vietnam).

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2. Elements of the natural environment

Natural environment
Including herbal determinants such as physics, chemisattempt, biology, which exist external of human's will certainly, but are additionally even more or less impacted by human beings. It is sunlight, hills, rivers, sea, air, animals, plants, soil, water… The herbal setting gives us air to breathe, land also to construct houses, raise livestock, provide for kids. People need all kinds of mineral resources for manufacturing, intake, and also as a location to store and also assimilate waste, carry out us with beautiful scenery for entertainment, and enrich humale life.
The social environment
Includes the totality of human-to-human relationships. These are legislations, organizations, commitments, regulations, conventions, and so on. at various levels such as the United Nations, Associations of Nations, countries, districts, districts, agencies, villperiods, clans, and so on. families, groups, religious institutions, mass organizations... The social environment orients people's tasks according to a particular frame, creating a collective toughness that is favorable for breakthrough, making people's activities simpler. Human being life is different from other creatures.
Artificial environment
Including all the huartificial components that comprise the comforts of life, such as cars, airplanes, homes, workplaces, city areas, synthetic parks, etc.
Environment in a vast feeling is all the natural and social factors vital for human life and production, such as organic resources, air, soil, water, light, landscape, relationships. society…
Environment in the narrow sense does not consider natural sources, but just contains organic and social components that are directly regarded the quality of huguy life. For instance, a student's environment includes institution through teachers, friends, school rules, classrooms, playgrounds, laboratories, school gardens, social establishments such as Unions, Teams with rules or family members. family members, clans, villages via unwritten rules, only dental yet still recognized and also applied, and also governmental agencies at all levels through laws, decrees, circulars and regulations.
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3. Basic functions of the organic environment

It is the living space of human being and animals.
It is a place that offers essential sources for human life and also production tasks.
It is a location to store wastes produced by people in their life and also production activities.
It is a place to minimize the harmful impacts of nature on civilization and creatures on earth.

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The setting is a location to keep and also carry out indevelopment to people.
People always require a space for real estate, food production and eco-friendly renewal, raising the crucial living area for themselves by exploiting and also transdeveloping the use feature of other types of space such as: reclamation, deforestation, reclamation of new lands and also waters. Overexploitation of room and natural resources have the right to make the quality of living space lose its self-healing capacity.

4. How to defend the natural environment?

To defend the setting, Vietnam's Law on Environmental Protection prohibits the complying with acts:
  • Burning, destroying forests, exploiting minerals indiscriminately, causing environmental damage and eco-friendly imbalance.
  • Exhaust smoke, dust, toxic gas, harmful stench into the air; emit radiation, radiation exceeding the allowable limit right into the neighboring setting.
  • Importing innovation and equipment that carry out not satisfy eco-friendly criteria, importing or exporting waste.
  • Using methods, means and tools of mass damage in exploiting and also capturing animal and plant sources.
  • Discharging oil, grease, toxic chemicals, radioactive substances past the allowable limit, wastes, pet and plant carcasses, bacteria, and also viruses that are harmful and cause conditions to water resources.
  • Burying, discharging into the soil toxic substances exceeding the allowable limit.
  • Exploiting and trading rare and also valuable plants and also animals on the list prescribed by the Government.