Nature Is To Nurture What _____ Is To _____.

4 Multiple ChoiceQuestionsThe word “psychology’ comes from:a.

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Latinb. Spanishc. Greekd. ItalianPsychology is identified as the scientific study of:a. world and thingsb. emovements and beliefsc. perception and also religiond. mind and behaviourThe scientific method is more helpful at answeringconcerns about ______ than concerns about ______.a. facts, valuesb. principles, emotionsc. values, factsd. eactivities, factsAccording to the message, the reduced level of explanation coincides to______ processes.a. socialb. culturalc. biologicald. interpersonalA psychologist trying out the impact of a new drug on task in the brain is working on the ______ level ofexplanation.a. lowerb. middlec. upperd. all of the aboveA psychologist researching what makes people laugh in various nations roughly the people is functioning on the ______ level of explacountry.a. lowerb. middlec. higherd. none of the aboveDifferent human being react in a different way to the exact same case. This is described as:a. multiple determinantsb. nativismc. the Simpson effectd. individual differences ______ is to nature as ______ is to nurture.a. setting, genesb. conscious, unconsciousc. inaccuracy, accuracyd. biology, experienceThe term “tabula rasa” highlights the prominence of ______ in shaping behaviour.a. genesb. experiencec. natured. predestinationThe Greek theorist ______ believed that understanding is got via experience and also finding out.a. Archimedesb. Rousseauc. Platod. Aristotle ______ is to nature as ______ is to nurture.a. Plato, Aristotleb. Aristotle, Platoc. Pliny, Archimedesd. Stavros, Pliny ______ is the belief that the mind is basically different from the body.a. mindismb. dualismc. centralismd. specialismThe institution of psychology whose goal was to determine the fundamental facets of suffer was called:a. experientialismb. dualismc. functionalismd. structuralismWhich of the following was a lot of very closely linked with the structuralist college of psychology?a. Titchenerb. Jamesc. Descartesd. WatsonDarwin’s theory of ______ said that physiological characteristics evolve because they are advantageous to theorganism.a. excessive usefulnessb. natural endowmentc. organic selectiond.

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organic wellbeing______ wregarding structuralism as ______ was to functionalism.a. Wundt, Titchenerb. Wundt, Jamesc. James, Titchenerd. Milner, ThompsonFreud championed ______ psychology.a. psychodynamicb. culturalc. consciousd. biodynamicWhich school of psychology believes that it is impossible to objectively examine the mind?a. functionalismb. behaviorismc. humanismd. socialismReceiving an electric shock would certainly be an instance of a ______ whereas being frightened would certainly be an instance of a ______.a. stimulus, responseb. punishment, rewardc. reactivity, emotiond. reinforcement, stimulusDr Pula desires to check out differences in child-rearing techniques between British and Chinese parental fees. She is many most likely a:a. cognitive psychologistb. physiological psychologistc. cognitive-ergonomic psychologistd. social-social psychologistNature is to ________ as nurture is to ________.a. environment/genesb. conscious/unconsciousc. genes/environmentd. unconscious/consciousFreud emphasized the function of ________ in shaping people’s personality.a. free willb. unmindful desiresc. hormonesd. team influenceEvolutionary psychology has actually its roots in:a. behaviourismb. collectivismc. functionalismd. structuralismMany huguy behaviour:a. have the right to be easily explainedb. has actually multiple causesc. stems from unaware desiresd. depends on social influenceA forensic psychologist would certainly be many likely to study:a. the accuracy of eyewitness memoryb. the affect of advertising on shopping behaviourc. the effect of hormones on decision makingd. gender distinctions in learning stylesThe behaviourists rejected introspection because:a. it was also slowb. it invaded people’s privacyc. it yielded as well much datad. it was too subjectiveAnvarious other term for reinforcement is:a. stimulusb. rewardc. responsed. conditionEast Eastern societies tend to be more oriented toward ________ while Western culturestend to be more oriented toward ________.a. individualism/collectivismb. collectivism/individualismc. cultural norms/social normsd. social norms/cultural normsWatkid and Skinner both added to which college of psychology?a. functionalismb. cognitivec. social-culturald. behaviourismWhich area of psychology would certainly be the majority of most likely to study the influence ofover-crowding on conformity?a. personalityb. cognitivec. clinicald. socialAnswers cdacacddbdabdacbabadcbcbadbbdd

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