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N.O.M Members Profile and Facts

N.O.M (Nature of Man) are a 3-member South Korean boy-team under JZ Factory Entertainment. N.O.M currently consists of members; J.K, KOM and B-SIDE. They debuted on August 13, 2013.

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N.O.M Fandom Name – N.O.M Fan Colour – 

N.O.M Members Profile:J.K

Stage Name: J.KBirth Name: Jung Jun Kyo (정준교)Position: Main Vocalist, Main Dancer, RapperBirthday: November 15, 1987Zodiac Sign: ScorpioHeight: 190cm (6’2)Weight: 83kg (182 lbs)Blood Type: OInstagram: j.k_what

J.K Facts:– He has multiple tattoos.– His charming allude is his eyes.– His favourite colour is babsence.– His motto is “It’s feasible to simply do it”.– He is a lot of confident in his shoulders.– His halittle is overreasoning.– His goal is to become a building owner.– His brother is KOM.

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Stage Name: B-SIDE (B면)Birth Name: Hong Ho Sung (홍호성)Position: Key Rapper, Lead DancerBirthday: March 21, 1988Zodiac Sign: AriesHeight: 187cm (6’1)Weight: 70kg (154 lbs)Blood Type: AInstagram: n.o.m_b_side

B-SIDE Facts:– His favourite colour is black.– His charming allude is his leg line.– His favourite music is hip-hop.– His motto is “Better tomorrow than today”.– He’s the majority of confident in his legs.– His halittle is touching his neck.


Stage Name: KOMBirth Name: Jung Min Kyo (정민교)Position: Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer, Visual, MaknaeBirthday: September 21, 1989Zodiac Sign: VirgoHeight: 181cm (5’9)Weight: 70kg (154 lbs)Blood Type: OInstagram: jung_kom

KOM Facts:– His favourite colour is red.– His charming allude is his baby confront and glamourous body.– His favourite music is disco.– His motto is “Let’s live well”.– He’s many confident in his chest.– His favourite food is meat.– His halittle bit that he’s really gullible.– His goal is to be a building owners (j.k’s) dongsaeng.– His brvarious other is J.K.

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