Nature of the beast walkthrough

A component search concerned the bigger Troll Trouble questline, this won’t show up in your journal till you stumble upon it, or until the New Troll Sightings event occurs, at which suggest you’ll be advised to look for out one Bartholomew Delgaexecute. Assuming you’re right here after discovering the Troll Trouble - Events Overview page, you’ll know this pops up after the Troll Invasion occasion shows up, roughly 2 weeks prior to An Old Curse expires. For referral, if you’re adhering to the walkthrough chronologically, we’ll be dealing with this quickly after An Old Curse - Part 2 starts as part of our journey south through previously-explored locations leading up to the Swamp Witch’s Hut Expedition.

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Deffinishing Dalton¶

After passing with the A Ford Across the Skunk River location, (hopetotally after returning to the aforementioned location to recruit Jubilist you’ll want to continue your journey by heading throughout the Skunk River (travel southern from the A Ford Across the Skunk River area), then revolve southwest after you cross the river. Here you should be based on a not-so-random encounter, stumbling upon the scene of a merchant and also his guards being struck by some Trolls.

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Cut dvery own the initially Troll you spot and also let the Merchant’s Guard occupy a second Troll and when among the Trolls dies, a Branded Troll will appear to the west and assault you. This giant is a stiffer difficulty than normal Trolls are, having actually a a lot better Attack bonus, more HP and slightly higher Armor Class. More worryingly, they’re not deterred by fire, so be certain to usage acid damages - either Trollreaper or a humble Acid Splash canpilgrimage will certainly job-related - to finish it off.

This curious trait will be stated by the merchant, Dalton, that will certainly strike up a conversation through you after the Trolls are dispatched. He’ll additionally bring up the shoddy ruler of these lands who can’t seem to save the roadways clear. Pick whichever before ethical alternative you wish, as either method the merchant ends up pointing out a surrounding mage named… you guessed it, Bartholomew. According to Dalton, Bartholomew is an “expert on trolls”, which is certainly a valuable expertise to have at this present moment.