Nature of the job

I do not understand if tright here is such a phrase exists, yet I translated it literally from my native language to English. So, I would certainly favor to recognize if it is correct and suggests "project situations and surroundings".

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The sentence I want to usage that phrase in:

She hregarding be in an appearance that is continuous with her job nature, so she have the right to execute it perfectly as you asserted.

I looked for it on the web yet found nothing other than the phrase "project description" which is a paper that describes the basic jobs, or other associated duties.

PS: X is saying that sentence to Y around Z that functions as a chef. What X implies by the sentence (not my individual opinion) is that Z can"t wear a full confront of makeup and also let her lengthy hair down, once she is functioning in the kitchen because of the nature of her job.

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A "project description" is a quite formal component of a contract or project advertisement that offers details of what exactly is compkaupunkiopas.comed.

It is hard to understand also the example sentence. I do not understand also "She has to be in an appearance", and the expression "job nature" is not idiomatic. You deserve to say "She has to *current an appearance..."

Insted of "task nature" you have the right to use "the nature of her job". In this conmessage "nature" means about "type", and could encompass the work, the environment and the scenarios of the project.

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What is the nature of your job? It"s an office project. I work through a tiny team of colleagues. We work-related on computers, contacting foreign clients.

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