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It’s tough to look “like” something most peopleremember as a ghost, yet I understand the altempt of wanting to know—
Knowledge, or its approximate artifice, is asort of equilibrium once you feel prefer a flea in whiskey.

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to hear someone say “there’s no magic left” bc Ilove that YouTube of Amy Wineresidence singing “Love Is a Losing Game” at theMercury Prize Ceremony and also yesterday I overheard that Brooklyn indicates “BrokenLand”—tbelow aren’t many earthquakes in the city, but there’s the fault line ofmy head.

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Manyof my reviews over the past number of months have consisted of the idea thatI’m “late to the game” on specific books, and also this would be another: Brooklyn poet Tommy Pico’s second full-length poeattempt title, the book-length sequence Nature Poem (Tin House Books, 2017), restingbetween his various other collections IRL(Birds LLC, 2016) and also Junk (Tin Housage Books, 2018) < a book I haven’t yet seen>. JerichoBrown hits the nail totally on the head as soon as he writes as part of his blurb onthe back cover that “Nature Poem is abook about our true nature.” Pico’s poem is smart, funny, darkly illuminatingand filled with rage, turning in and also earlier and approximately on itself as an essay-poemtrying out identification and identification politics, sexuality and also nature, love andloapoint (and also self-loathing), blfinishing the lyric and lyric sentence with the shortformof text messages, pop society, sex and also the ideal and also the worst of humanhabits. He writes of drag queens and also citizenship, music and visual art; hewrites of dating and also days, and also the pavement of Brooklyn, New York. As hewrites close to the beginning: “Gay me are the worst people ever before // bc if they don’twant to fuck you, // you are nopoint to them. // Yet they love dogs.”
Eextremely day feels prefer the final day bc weconstantly uncover little means of being very rude to each other, like mosquito bitesor deforestation
then aobtain I think I’m in an abusive relationsw/myself, I whisper after pinching my squishy belly
however for reals I leave yr apt in the early trainof my hangover thinking that was a weirdbump prefer all jostled however back on the open road

Goingthrough the collection, I’m curious as to Pico’s influences, how he got towright here he is, and also wonder about the recommendation to the late A.R. Ammons’ (1926-2001)1993 book-length poem Garbage (reissuedby Norton in 2002) early in Nature Poem,whether included as influence or simply a play on Ammons’ title. The citationfor the 1993 National Book Award for Poetry writes that Garbage “is an epic of ideas: all life—not that of human beingsalone, however eextremely species—is displayed to be part of an ultimate truth <.>”Whether or not Ammons is an influence or an easy reference, Pico twists thisidea totally, writing an epic, but one of the day to day, from nature tohuguy nature, including Brooklyn roads, and recurring examples of racism,colonialism and also homophobia; writing a sequence of disconnects anddisrelations that can’t help but be intricately connected, as the heart harms andthe author records yet an additional act of dismissal or erasure, and Brooklyn isdamaged and the earth itself burns. “’I Sassist What I Had to Say’: An Intercheck out With Tommy Pico,” carried out by Toprejudice Carroll and posted at Vol. 1 Brooklyn on June 14, 2017, aroundthe publication of Nature Poem, mightnot administer, exactly, a response to the structural/thematic linkeras in between Garbage and also Nature Poem, however it does market some insight:
Yourpublications Nature Poem and also IRL were released in reasonably closeproximity, and excerpts of both have displayed up at various journals over the lastfew years. Were you working on both simultaneously? Did you discover that eachinfluenced the other to some extent?
Each book sort of sprang from the precedingone. I would hit a beat that I knew I’d need to return to later yet didn’tthink was in the scope of the poem I was functioning on. For example in IRL there’s the line (paraphrasing) “Ihate nature bc eextremely poem is favor poplars, and bunch grasses, and also peonies andshit!” And in Nature Poem it sayssomepoint like, “I provided to read most perfect poems, now I check out a lot ofgarbage/ by A.R. Ammons.” My 3rd book Junk(coming out May 2018 from Tin House) is sort of my answer to Garbage. So while the books weren’tcreated at the very same time, they did geneprice the concept for the following one. And yes,when I get time I have actually a fourth one planned!
ThroughoutNature Poem, there’s a lot ofconversation of what a nature poem is and also is not, and whether or not this bookfalls into that category. Was that a question that first brought about the writing ofthis book?
Since I’m a Native perkid, there’s thisstereokind that we’re reverent of nature or whatever before. I wanted to mess withthat, and also be like camping is dumb and fuck lakes and also grass sucks. Throughout myplenty of repudiations, it becomes apparent that it’s not “nature” I really havea difficulty with (I mean you will certainly not capture me in the woods for nothing). It’sracism, colonialism, homophobia, misogyny, and so on. So the “nature poem” that thebook ends up becoming is naturally simply me.
Sowhile the title and also initial content of Pico’s Nature Poem could suggest something alengthy the lines of an upday onNew York School poet Frank O’Hara’s oft-quoted lyric “I can not even enjoy a blade of grass unless I understand there’s a submeans handy” (from the title poem of O’Hara’s1957 repertoire Meditations in anEmergency) yet that element is almost a throw-ameans or a red herring; forPico, it is simply an opening to somepoint far larger, systematic and complex. Pico’scasual throwaways are anypoint however, examples of his own meditations on his own ongoingcomplexity of emergencies, anxieties and also problems, composed out of the languagehe lives in. As Pico writes:
I can’t write a nature poem bc English is someStockholm shit, provides me complicit in my tribe’s erasure—why shd I offer a fuckabt “poetry”? It’s a container
for words prefer whilst and also hither and tamp. It conducts something of permanentand also global interemainder. Poems take somepoint like an apple, rotate it into theskin, the seeds, and the core. They talk abt gravity, abt Adam, and Snow Whiteand also the stem of understanding.
To me? Apple is a NDN drag queen who dressesfavor a milkmaid and sings “Half-Breed” by Cher
I wd stroll into the china shop of grammar andshout LET’S TRASH THIS DUMP thengingerly slip out