Nature Republic Hand Cream Review

Replacing the make-up feature for this particular day, we’re going to take a quick look at a hand cream from the Nature Republic range.

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The shape of Nature Republic “hand and nature” hand cream is in a squeezable tube and also is tiny enough to fit right into your bag for convenience when you’re on the relocate. Truthcompletely I intended the product to be a lot bigger but photos can be deceiving and I was surprised to discover out just how tiny it was once I unboxed my parcel.


As a trial run, I chose to order only one tube to watch just how it was before buying any type of more in the Nature Republic hand cream range. The green tea form intrigued me the most as my first assumed was whether tright here was any kind of green tea smell at all. I drink green tea consistently so I’m acquainted via the basic smell once I drink it however the smell within beauty commodities – this made me incredibly curious. Also, I necessary some brand-new hand cream anyway so this provided me even more reason to attempt something Nature Republic related.

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The cream includes shea butter which offers moisture and nourishes your hands. Interestingly sufficient, according to the site wbelow I bought the cream, if you usage this product with heavy steam or slightly high temperature it creates smovarious other skin. The whipped cream texture feels very soft when you use it to your hands and as much as the basic cream smell goes it’s not overpowering through a strong scent. Instead it’s rather comforting for the nose. But is tright here a green tea smell though? If you focus your nostrils tough sufficient you may pick up some traces of it.

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The Korean and English instructions on the back of the tube advise you to apply an proper amount onto your hands and also gently pat for absorption. Even if you just apply a tiny bit onto your skin, the cream’s smell still lingers after a few hrs. The moisture lasts for a long time and dries up quite conveniently so you won’t have actually slippery fingers. There were some rare days where my skin did get slightly itchy but it could’ve been down to the weather. On the entirety my hands definitely got softer and also less dry when I started using this cream and I couldn’t sheight smelling my hands’ skin.

I bought the green tea hand also cream from Koreadepart and altogether it price me approximately £8 – £9 which consists of the shipping. On its own it prices around £5. KpopTown offer individual hand also creams at a comparable price selection. I execute think for a small tube and also the addition of shipping the Nature Republic Hand also + Nature hand also cream is quite overpriced and also the price I phelp would perhaps be even more right if the dimension was a lot bigger. The small size can possibly be part of the take a trip size assets you watch in shops. The tube packaging is very nice and simple nonetheless and the smell is quite soopoint fairly than an over the height crazy scent that will certainly influence anyone’s breathing.