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The REAL Cost of $0.99 / Square Foot Natural Stone FlooringWe Offer a Better Alterindigenous to Natural Stone Flooring

The REAL Cost of $0.99 / Square Foot Natural Stone Flooring

We’ve all seen those ads for gorgeous, glossy herbal rock flooring. They promise a long lasting, beautiful floor for your basement or garage that is basic to maintain. In enhancement, they make their floors even even more tempting to homeowners by claiming they are just $0.99 per square foot! Sign me up this particular day, right? Not surprisingly, though, these epoxy floors cost quite a little bit more per square foot than advertised, especially as soon as you consider all the hidden prices and threats associated through them.

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Find Out even more around the troubles through natural stone flooring listed below, or examine out Ohio Garage Interiors’ exceptional garage flooring options.

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The prep and installation work-related adds significant cost per square foot.

Before these forms of “organic stone” floors deserve to be mounted, the underlying subframework should be appropriately all set and leveled. All this prep work-related adds up, making organic rock flooring alternatives realistically average between $9.00 and $14.00 per square foot, also through that low sale price advertised. This reality leaves many kind of world feeling they’ve experienced a bait and switch after responding to one of those $0.99 per square foot supplies. 

Ohio Garage Interiors, on the various other hand, uses cost-reliable flooring via wise pricing.

The texture of herbal stone floors suggests even more job-related and upkeep prices.

These flooring frameworks have actually individual stones combined together with epoxy. The outcome is a textured and also porous stone-prefer floor. Unfortunately, this structure leads to many troubles and repair expenses for homeowners.

Cleaning is time-consuming and challenging.

The textured, porous nature of these floors makes it easy for grit and grime to resolve in in between the individual stones. Imagine bringing in your groceries and dropping a carton of milk or a bottle of wine. You’ll have actually an overwhelming time cleaning the liquid out of the grooves and acquiring all the bit shards of glass up. 

Also, a car’s tires bring in dirt, tar, and also salt, every one of which then settle into these grooves. Oil and antifreeze spills are likewise possibilities in a garage. These chemicals, along with the spilled milk, have actually already seeped with the optimal layer to your concrete floor prior to you have the right to get it cleaned up. In brief, these floors are difficult to thoabout clean, and most homeowners don’t enjoy reasoning about all the gross dirt and spills lurking in between those stones.

Many kind of service providers call for homeowners to pay for skilled cleaning ybeforehand or shed their warranty.

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Your installer more than likely knows that the textured, porous surconfront of your epoxy stone floor will require even more than a vacuum and also mop to really clean it. Indeed, most of these flooring suppliers indicate you buy their “specially formulated cleaner.” Additionally, many type of contracts warn that if you opt-out of expert yearly on cleaning—done by them at an additional price, of course,—your floor’s warranty is voided! This adds as much as hundreds of dollars each year, just to keep the floor clean. 

These floors cause mold and mildew.

These types of epoxy floorings are not a solution to your mold and also mildew difficulties in the basement as they case. Aobtain, their structure enables water to acquire dvery own the cracks and crevices between the individual stones. Once the water gets in, there’s no basic means to acquire it out. 

As a result, it settles to the bottom of the flooring structure, much prefer what happens with carpeting in a basement, wbelow it urges mold and also mildew—and also the smells linked via them—to form. Eventually, this implies the flooring itself deserve to begin to undermine and crack. Such damage needs repair work-related at a significant cost. Oftentimes, the only solution is to completely rerelocate the floor and also relocation it completely.

Ohio’s too much weather makes costly repairs likely.

Any flooring mechanism in a garage that enables water to settle right into its framework cannot appropriately withstand also the demands of Ohio’s weather. To explain, Ohio’s freeze and thaw cycles intend that any type of water lying within the floor will expand and contract as the temperatures rise and autumn. 

Throughout cold days, the water broadens and puts push on the stones. Then as soon as the weather warms up, the water contracts, and also the stones often are currently loose. Once loose, stones deserve to come out and leave more exposed areas that are even even more at risk to water damages. In the finish, this reality indicates even more repair prices.

We Offer a Better Alternative to Natural Stone Flooring

The floors we install in garperiods and also basements are premium to these herbal rock options in a number of ways.

Easy to Clean and Maintain:

Our finishing procedure gives you enough texture to prevent slipping yet is non-porous to store out moisture. That’s because we usage a polyaspartic polymer. Cleaning your garage floor is as straightforward as spraying it dvery own through a hose. No special cleaners or professional cleaning contracts are required.

Withstands Ohio’s elements:

Our polyaspartic polymer will certainly not deterioprice because of salt exposure, and also it withstands moisture. Hence, you can mean your floor to save its remarkable look and top quality for about 15 years via normal wear.

Backed by a Local Flooring Company:

We’re not a national chain. We’re a locally owned and also operated business that never before offers subbuilders as our competitors carry out. For homeowners, this suggests a fully trained, knowledgeable team will certainly plan, install, and also clean up your entire project. 

Also, it means no bait-and-switch promovements. At Ohio Garage Interiors, we understand that we’re serving our next-door neighbors and also friends, so we host ourselves to the highest possible criteria. 

Straightforward Pricing:

You won’t watch us run any kind of bait-and-switch pricing promovements. Instead, a trained expert will certainly pertained to your home at no price and also offer you a complete, detailed quote.

Call Ohio Garage Interiors now for a exceptional different to natural rock flooring for your garage, basement, or patio.