Aarhus College and also the national art museum in Copenhagen, Statens Museum for Kunst, are organizing an international conference entitled The Artwork-related in between Technology and also Nature. The conference will certainly take location at the museum in Copenhagen on 21-23 January 2010 and intends to raise inquiries and dispute concentrated on art background and also concept in continuation of the UN climate change conference in Copenhagen, COP15.

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The museum will at the same time be reflecting two exhibitions that are interesting in this context: Nature strikes back, which faces ideas of nature in art from the Classical times till now, and also Re:think: Living in the age of climate readjust, in which modern artists discuss worldwide climate transforms.

The current climate crisis foregrounds the observation that during the last century human modern technology has actually come to play a vital function in the in its entirety behaviour of nature, both as a disturber of ecological balances and as a potential healer of them. Parallel to this development, art appears to have actually end up being more closely associated with both nature and also innovation, complex, on the one hand, conceptions of art contemplating nature as a far-off landscape and also, on the various other, art as being international to the social interactivity and also physical dynamics of modern technology. These approaches regularly highlight art?s instrumental and also reflective feature, and yet in art?s extremely interreadjust via nature and innovation there are certain reminiscences of the primitive and medieval periods in which art and technology were facets of a common location of cultivated assets and also their approaches ? the Latin ars and the Greek technè ? and in which this area was thought to feature according to values imitating nature.

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The conference is mainly aimed at the international circles of art historians and various other scholars and students interested in the history of ideas, society, modern technology and also science. The conference is additionally appropriate to all experts interested in climate problems and also conceptions of nature. Interested museum visitors will certainly additionally discover that the conference elaboprices on the issues elevated by the exhibitions at Sta10s Museum for Kunst. In enhancement, the conference is aimed at people interested in modern art, current affairs prefer the climate crisis, and also the historical approach to the area of art, nature and technology.



Aarhus University: Ass. Professor Maria Fabricius Hansen, dr. phil. Professor Jacob Wamberg, dr. phil. PhD student Lisbet Tarp

National Gallery of Denmark: Senior study curator Hanne Kolind Poulsen Curator Henrik Holm, PhD


Thursday January 21

ATMOSPHERES Chair Henrik Holm

09.00 Registration

09.30-10: Welcome /Maria Fabricius Hansen and also Introduction/Hanne Kolind and also Jacob Wamberg

10.00-10.50: Keynote speaker: James Elkins Unreresolved Questions in the Scholarly Representation of Landscape

10.50-11.20: Coffee

11.20-11.50: Kristine Nielsen A Perfectly Nebulous Experiment: The Making of C.T.R. Wilson’s Cloud Chamber

11.50-11.20: Hanna Johansboy Rain, Technologies of Observations/Representations and also (Landscape) Art

12.20-13.20: Lunch

INVENTING NATURE Chair Jacob Wamberg

13.20-14.10: Søren Pold How to Experience Climate Change? Notes towards the Aesthetics and also Poetics of Digital Climate Situation Art

14.10-14.40: Ulrik Ekman Blurred: Mixed Context-Awareness

14.40-15: Coffee

15.-15.20: Henrik Holm: The Order of Things. Matching Artfunctions with Foucault’s Epistemes

15.20-16.50: Tours with the curators Henrik Holm, Hanne Kolind, and also Marianne Torp in the 2 exhibitions, Nature Strikes Back and also Rethink


Friday January 22


10.15-11.05: Keynote speaker: Lorraine Daston The Passions of the Unnatural

11.05-11.35: Coffee

11.35-12.05: Bjørn Okholm Skaarup Science for the Artist: Artistic Anatomy and also Mathematics in the Renaissance Academies of Art, 1563-1609

12.05-12.35: Alisa Luxenberg

Botanical Art or (Al)chemical Magic? Nature Printing in 18th-century Spain

12.35-13.35: Lunch

HYBRIDS Chair Maria Fabricius Hansen

13.35-14.05: Lisbet Tarp Midas Touch: Nature in the Hands of the Artist and the Alchemist

14.05-14.35: Pernille Leth-Espensen Representations of Science in Art

14.35-15.05: Coffee

15.05-15.35: Michael Dürfeld Artistic Ornamentation between Natural and also Artificial Evolution

15.35-16.35: Linda Weintraub Bio Art ? An Ethical Crisis Panel Discussion

Saturday January 23

ENVIRONMENTS Chair Birgitte Anderberg

10.15-10.45: Shannon McMullen The Machine is the Garden: IBA Emscher Park and also the Post-Steel Convergence of Art, Nature and also Technology

10.45-11.15: Robert Ferry and Elizabeth Monoian Land Art Generator Initiative: A Transdisciplinary Approach to Clean Energy

11.15-11.45: Coffee

11.45-12.40: Keynote speaker: Olahair Eliasboy Reflections on my very own work

12.40-13.00: Concluding remarks Maria Fabricius Hansen, Henrik Holm, Hanne Kolind, and also Jacob Wamberg


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