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Eco-friendly Cay Nature Center is the county's newest nature facility that overlooks 100 acres of constructed wetland and offers educational avenues around this unique habitat. The wetland also features 1.5 miles of elevated boardwalk featuring interpretive signs around the habitat. The Nature Center contains a lecture hall, gift shop, and live pets in an extensive exhibit room that highlights wetland qualities. Come for a visit and also that there's something for everyone at this terrific facility!​
The boardwalk at Environment-friendly Cay Nature Center and also Wetlands is open up from sunclimb to sunset; public restrooms are easily accessible from 6:45 a.m. to suncollection. Please view nature facility hours below.​ 



​Bobby SealsManager

   Holly TeruggiNaturalist 

Alissa KochAssistant Naturalist ​​

Juan La SantaMaintenance Worker II ​​

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