The New Brunswick Innova 4300 Incubator Shaker is alarge-capacity eco-friendly shaker that permits for uniform heating and motionand also precise regulation of shaking speed. This equilibration creates fasterprocedure and intensified efficiency for laboratories via shaking requirements. Designedfor taking care of higher amounts of flasks, the Innova 4300 easily holds 12 x 2L flasks and accepts flasks approximately 6 L. The 4300 shaker provides temperaturesfrom 5°C over ambient to 60°C for incubation. Shaking speeds from 25 RPM to 500 RPM on a 1 inch circular orlittle. The 4300 attributes alarms for deviations of shaking speed, temperature external of tolerance borders, and also end of timed run.

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INCLUDED:The New Brunswick Innova 4300 Incubator Shaker includes:> 18 x 30" Platform> Power Cord> Operator"s Manual> Full 90 Day Parts and Labor Warranty

New Brunswick Innova 4300 Incubator Shaker Specifications

Platdevelop Size

18 x 30 in

Maximum Capacity (250 ml flasks on global platform)


Capacity & Largest Flask Size on Universal Platform

4 x 6 L

Orlittle Diameter

1 in

Temperature Range

Ambient +5° to 60°C

Agitation (rpm)

25 to 500

Overall Dimensions (W x D x H)

43 x 28 x 37 in


110-230V, 60Hz
New Brunswick Innova 4300 Manual
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