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Rick and also Wanda Imlay are displayed through Northwest Scientific"s new building under construction at 6800 King Avenue West.

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Rick and Wanda Imlay are shown through Northwest Scientific"s brand-new structure under building at 6800 King Avenue West.

As building of a brand-new $2.2 million headquarters nears completion, officials at Northwest Scientific Inc. are putting their heads together, planning carefully for one of the the majority of necessary jobs in the company’s background.

Within weeks they’ll begin relocating 19 employees, equipment and also lots of inventory throughout tvery own. And they hope to accomplish the relocate without shutting down the business.

“We think around it 24-7,” shelp Rick Imlay, vice president of Northwest Scientific. “In November we’ll be establishing up our shelving, and begin establishing our inventory up. We’re going to attempt to save running in the time of the change.”

Northwest, a Billings-based distributor dealing in chemicals, instruments and also laboratory gives, is moving from 3421 N. 24thSt. into its new headquarters at King Avenue West and 68thStreet West. The brand-new structure, part of the EEC Industrial Park, must be completed about the middle of December.

The 23,000-square-foot warehouse triples Northwest’s square footage and also will be a welcome growth for a company that has actually ssuggest outgrown its present area. The old building had actually come to be so tight for room that firm president Wanda Imlay has worked out of the break room. In the brand-new building, she’ll have actually her very own office on the second floor.

Palletized racks, an improved loading area and also added storage space will enable assets to be relocated more properly. Because some of the chemicals that Northwest deals with are flammable or classified as hazardous, the structure contains numerous distinct style features that limit troubles if an accident occurs.

Wanda Imlay, Rick"s wife, said the development arrangement contains adding 14 employees initially, however eventually as many as 20 brand-new work could be developed over the next few years.

Northwest has been part of the Billings organization neighborhood considering that 1948. It distributes assets in more than 20 states, does service through more than 200 merchants and also carries even more than 200,000 products. Mines, refineries, food processors, manufacturing suppliers, eco-friendly labs and various other businesses that operate top quality manage labs are among the company’s biggest customers.

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For years Billings has been a facility for plenty of distributors that serve a big geographical location.

“We’ve end up being fairly diversified,” shelp Rick Imlay, that has actually more than 30 years suffer working at Northwest as both an employee and also an owner. “Our customer business and our employees make a large distinction.”

Matt Robertkid, a commercial broker via NAI Properties in Billings, said Northwest had actually initially looked at relocating right into an existing structure, yet nopoint on the sector fairly fit their requirements. The agency thought about one existing building, but that deal didn’t make financial feeling bereason of the amount of money required to redesign the structure, Robertkid said.

“It acquired to a suggest wright here they would certainly have actually invested simply about the very same amount. So they decided to build new so that they would have exactly what they wanted,” Robertchild shelp.

Robertchild has actually noted Northwest’s existing warehouse, and also he’s optimistic that an additional company will be interested in a area close to downtvery own.

Eggart Engineering and also Construction designed and also built Northwest’s brand-new structure, which dominates the skyline in the commercial park.



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Rick and also Wanda Imlay are shown via Northwest Scientific"s brand-new structure under building at 6800 King Avenue West.

Rick and also Wanda Imlay are presented through Northwest Scientific"s brand-new structure under building at 6800 King Avenue West.