Oxidative Phosphorylation Mastering Biology

How carry out cells capture the energy released by cellular respiration?a. They develop glucose.b. The power is coupled to oxygen.c. They develop ATP.d. They store it in molecules of carbon dioxide.

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Respiration ________, and cellular respiration ________.a. produces ATP . . . is gas exchangeb. uses glucose . . . produces glucosec. is gas exchange . . . produces ATPd. produces glucose . . . produces oxygen

Which of the following statements concerning cellular respiration is false?a. Cellular respiration releases warm.b. Cellular respiration produces water.c. Cellular respiration produces carbon dioxide.d. Cellular respiration is a single chemical reactivity with simply one action.

A kilocalorie is defined asa. the quantity of food consumed during a provided form of exercise.b. the quantity of warmth needed to raise the temperature of 1 kg of water by 1°C.c. the amount of food used to keep normal bodily functions.d. the amount of glucose essential to rise the body temperature by 1°C.

Throughout Redox Reactions,a. a substance that gains electrons is shelp to be oxidized.b. the loss of electrons from one substance is called reduction.c. protons from one molecule relocation the electrons lost from an additional molecule.d. electrons are lost from one substance and included to an additional substance.

Oxidation is the ________, and Reduction is the ________.a. gain of prolots . . . loss of protonsb. obtain of oxygen . . . loss of oxygenc. acquire of electrons . . . loss of electronsd. loss of electrons . . . gain of electrons

A drug is tested in the laboratory and also is found to develop holes in both mitochondrial membranes. Scientists suspect that the drug will be harmful to humale cells because it will inhibita. glycolysis.b. the citric acid cycle.c. the citric acid cycle and also oxidative phosphorylation.d. oxidative phosphorylation.

Which of the following statements concerning the chemical grooming of pyruvate is false?a. Each pyruvate loses a carbon atom, which is released as CO2.b. Two pyruvate molecules together contain less chemical energy than was uncovered in the original glucose molecule.c. Each pyruvate molecule has a CO2 added and also then joins via an NADH.d. Two molecules of pyruvate are each converted into two-carbon molecules joined to a coenzyme A molecule.

The finish products of the citric acid cycle incorporate every one of the complying with excepta. ATP.b. CO2.c. FADH2.d. pyruvate.

At the finish of the citric acid cycle, many of the energy staying from the original glucose is stored in ? a. ATP.b. NADH.c. CO2.d. pyruvate.

The mitochondrial cristae are an adaptation thata. rises the area for even more duplicates of the electron transport chain and ATP synthase complexes.b. carefully encloses the DNA hosupplied within the mitochondrial matrix.c. helps mitochondria divide in the time of times of biggest cellular respiration.d. permits the expansion of mitochondria as oxygen accumulates in the mitochondrial matrix.

As a scientist employed by the FDA, you"ve been asked to sit on a panel to evaluate a pharmaceutical company"s application for approval of a new weight loss drug referred to as Fat Ameans. The firm has actually submitted a report summarizing the results of their animal and also humale trial and error. In the report, it was noted that Fat Ameans functions by affecting the electron transfer chain. It decreases the synthesis of ATP by making the mitochondrial membrane permeable to H+, which permits H+ to leak from the intermembrane space to the mitochondrial matrix. This impact leads to weight loss.Fat Ameans prevents ATP from being made bya. avoiding the convariation of NADH to NAD+.b. ruining the H+ gradient that allows ATP synthase to job-related.c. avoiding glycolysis from emerging.d. slowing dvery own the citric acid cycle.

By-assets of cellular respiration includea. carbon dioxide and water.b. NADH and also ATP.c. FADH2 and NADH.d. oxygen and also warmth.

Which of the adhering to statements around the power yield of aerobic respiration is false?a. Less than 50% of the chemical power easily accessible in glucose is converted to ATP energy.b. Most of the ATP obtained during aerobic respiration results from oxidative phosphorylation.c. Oxidative phosphorylation resulting from 1 glucose molecule returns about 12 ATP molecules.d. The total yield of ATP molecules per glucose molecule is around 32.

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Some friends are trying to make wine in their basement. They"ve added yeast to a sweet grape juice mixture and also have actually permitted the yeast to flourish. After numerous days they discover that sugar levels in the grape juice have dropped, however there"s no alcohol in the mixture. The a lot of most likely explanation is thata. the yeastern used the alcohol as a carbon source.b. the mixture requirements even more oxygen, bereason yeastern need oxygen to break dvery own sugar and also obtain enough power to create alcohol.c. the mixture requirements less oxygen, because yeastern only produce alcohol in the lack of oxygen.d. the mixture requirements more sugar, because yeastern need the majority of energy prior to they can begin to create alcohol.

Which of the complying with processes produces the many ATP per molecule of glucose oxidized?a. aerobic respirationb. All produce roughly the very same amount of ATP per molecule of glucose.c. lactic acid fermentationd. alcoholic fermentation

Which of the adhering to statements concerning glycolysis is false?a. Glycolysis is taken into consideration to be an old metabolic process bereason it is not located in a membrane-bound organelle.b. Glycolysis is thought about to be an old metabolic mechanism bereason it is the many efficient metabolic pathmethod for ATP synthesis.c. Glycolysis is taken into consideration to be an old metabolic system because it occurs universally.d. Glycolysis is taken into consideration to be an ancient metabolic process bereason it does not need oxygen.

b. Glycolysis is thought about to be an ancient metabolic system bereason it is the the majority of reliable metabolic pathmethod for ATP synthesis.

When a cell supplies fatty acid for aerobic respiration, it initially hydrolyzes fats toa. glycerol and also amino acids.b. sugars and also glycerol.c. glycerol and fatty acids.d. fatty acids and sugars.

Which of the following organisms deserve to make organic molecules from water and carbon dioxide?a. crayfishb. mushroomc. beard. wheat

Which of the adhering to are assets of cellular respiration?a. power to make ATP and also carbon dioxideb. oxygen and glucosec. oxygen and carbon dioxided. oxygen and energy to make ATP

Which of the adhering to statements about the energy yields from cellular respiration is true?a. The warmth created throughout cellular respiration is just a tiny fraction of the b. chemical power accessible in a glucose molecule.b. Cellular respiration is even more efficient at harnessing power from glucose than vehicle engines are at harnessing power from gasoline.c. Cellular respiration converts the kinetic energy of glucose into chemical power.d. Cellular respiration converts all of the energy in glucose into high-energy ATP bonds.

b. Cellular respiration is even more efficient at harnessing energy from glucose than vehicle engines are at harnessing energy from gasoline.

In biological systems, an essential enzyme involved in the regulation of Redox reactions isa. glucose.b. ATP.c. dehydrogenase.d. oxygen.

Throughout cellular respiration, NADHa. is chemically converted right into ATP.b. is the final electron acceptor.c. is diminished to create NAD+.d. delivers its electron load to the initially electron carrier molecule.

Throughout cellular respiration, electrons move through a collection of electron carrier molecules. Which of the adhering to statements around this process is true?a. Molecular oxygen is lessened when it accepts electrons and also forms water.b. Molecular oxygen is eventually oxidized by the electrons to create water.c. The electrons relocate from carriers that have more affinity for them to carriers that have actually less affinity for them.d. The electrons release large quantities of energy each time they are moved from one carrier to another.

During which of the complying with phases of cellular respiration does substrate-level phosphorylation take place?a. glycolysisb. glycolysis and also the citric acid cyclec. the citric acid cycled. oxidative phosphorylation

Which of the following metabolic pathways is widespread in aerobic and anaerobic metabolism?a. oxidative phosphorylationb. electron transport chainc. the citric acid cycled. glycolysis

A culture of bacteria flourishing aerobically is fed glucose containing radioactive carbon and is then examined. As the bacteria metabolize the glucose, radioactivity will certainly show up first ina. pyruvate.b. glucose-6-phosphate.c. carbon dioxide.d. ATP.

Pyruvatea. creates at the finish of glycolysis.b. is the molecule that starts the citric acid cycle.c. is the finish product of oxidative phosphorylation.d. is a six-carbon molecule.