Pedernales River Nature Park

Follow the Pedernales River as it cascades over steps of layered limerock to produce the picturesque Pedernales Falls. This drop in elevation will absolutely be the high suggest of your visit.

Take Me to the River

Flowing over and also approximately astronomical slabs of limerock, the Pedernales River deserve to be rough. But a lot of regularly it is calm, and also an excellent place to relax and recharge. We are just 30 miles west of Austin. Come over for an afternoon swim or hike, or load up your equipment for an overnight adventure. The river awaits!

Things to Do

Here at Pedernales Falls State Park, you have the right to camp, hike, hill bike, picnic, geocache, bird watch and ride steeds. On the river, you can swim, wade, tube or fish. Look for regional wildlife and plants at the bird blind and also butterfly garden.

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Access to the swimming location is a strenuous 1/4-mile (or more) hike, and also contains steep rock stairs via no handrail.

If you arrangement to swim, review our swimming safety and security tips prior to you come.

For your safety and security, we do not enable swimming and wading in the Pedernales Falls area.

WARNING: The water in the river have the right to rise from a placid stream to a raging torrent in a couple of minutes. If you are in the river location and notification the water rising or gaining muddy, leave the river location immediately. Flash flooding is widespread in the Hill Counattempt. Please be alert to weather problems.


Choose a site with water and also electrical power or hike to a primitive site. Bring your team to the Youth Group Camp or Equestrian Group Camp.

Hiking and also biking

Our scenic Hill Country trails range from simple to complex.

Take the .5-mile Twin Falls Nature Trail and soptimal at the scenic overlook over the falls. Or tackle the six-mile Wolf Mountain Trail. This complex trail wraps roughly Tobacco and also Wolf mountains and winds alengthy the small canyons produced by Mescal and Tobacco creeks. Alengthy the method, cool your heels at Arrowhead Pool, wbelow Bee Creek spills into stair-stepped pools.

For the even more adventurous cyclist, test your hill biking skills on the new Juniper Ridge Trail. This 10-mile technical, single track trail provides plenty of obstacles for even more progressed riders. 

Take a online tour via our Interenergetic Trails Map.


Tube, canoe or kayak the river. Put in at the swimming location or Trammell’s Crossing Trail. For your safety and security, we perform not permit put-ins or take-outs in the Pedernales Falls location.

Horseago riding

Ride your steed on 10 miles of rugged trail. The trail is very rocky with some steep slopes, and needs riding endure.

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Horses need to have shoes. You will certainly find water troughs at the trailer parking area and at the midmethod suggest of the trail. You must current present Coggins for your equine at the office. We don’t administer horses.

Note: We periodically cshed the trails as a result of weather; speak to prior to you visit.


We require your aid. Soptimal by headquarters or visit our Volunteer web page to learn even more.


Support state parks by donating to the Parks & Wildlife Foundation.

The park save sells gift items and ice.

Ranger Programs

We market a range of programs. Check our Events page or look for indicators at the park.

Connect via us on Facebook, Instagram and also Twitter.

Kids: Become a Junior Ranger! Borrow an Explorer Pack, with devices for experimenting nature. Complete a details variety of tasks from our free Activity Journal to earn a badge.

Teachers: This is a Aquatic Science Certified Field Site.

Area Attractions

Johnboy City, just 10 miles west of the park, is home to parks, art galleries and museums. Visit the Lyndon B. Johnchild National Historical Park and also the Lyndon B. John State Park & Historic Site.

Dripping Springs, 13 miles southeast, provides art galleries, wineries and breweries, and more.