Poison clan in my nature

This is the only variation heard on the 12", so it might or mayNot be the same track as “The Best of JT Money & the Poikid Clan”

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DRUGZ: Yo Debonaire, there's that girl you tried to talk to!DEB: Word!DRUGZ: Hey yo, baby, c'mere, yo, why you tryin' to front on my manDebonaire?ANGIE: Debonaire?DRUGZ: YeahANGIE: Uh-uh. All the girls tell me that he's no goodDRUGZ: Oh, aaight, I ain't gon' argue, yet yo, wussup through me? My name isDrugz!ANGIE: Look, all you Poikid Clan brothers are no goodDebonaire's negative and so I'm called the Devil's DadI kick the funky stuff because I'm turbulent, and also I'ma addThat, girls, I cold leave 'em, I entirely deceive 'emI soothe and also then relieve 'em, and then you ideal believe I'mAudi 5000, and also I discover one more bittyThey tell me it's a pity, I desire to obtain the totality cityGirl, so don't you be shocked, you ideal to get setWoguys say I'm sick, yet ask me have actually I watched a vet yet?Naw, I simply store on, I save ho-in'I save goin' nowright here and, I can't soptimal and so inAbout a 2 year period I think I'll put Jim inWait up, lemme check out, well, about a hunderd women(Damn!) Due to the fact that of that, lots of woguys wanna hate yaBut I'm sayin', yo, it's in my nature!

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According to the Poikid Clan, you can never trust a manI know a guy would fool approximately, however I still can't understandLovin' and leavin', that's what I think inYo! I only think about me when I'm skeezin'So, woguys get mad and also contact me everything from A to ZBut I don't care, reason you recognize, I'm the J to TTo the dollar authorize, and you will hardly findAnother brother via a pipe game as excellent as mineSo I flaunt the gift that I was givenAnd don't ask bereason you understand just how I'm livin'(True.) Bein' in love's for the birds; I ain't a pigeonThey say love is blind; I gained 20/20 vision(Word.) So if you don't desire your feelings hurtDon't be on my earlier prefer you a Poison Clan t-shirtAnd as soon as I tell you these things, it's not to make youMad at me, but you have to understand it's in my natureWoguys crowd approximately and also say, "Look just how insane he acts!"When they have to inspect out Drugz and also Uzi, man, they're maniacsIt's facts that I'm kickin', so girl, ain't nothin' made upI'm talkin' on a straight-upBut still you're sayin' to organize up and also wait upYou think I'm lyin', while talkin' of my nature thenIt's not my fault that all the woguys wanna hate ya whenPeople can't aid it, they shouldn't wanna hate yaBut they think it's voluntary, not simply in my nature
DRUGZ: Yo, currently you check out what I'm sayin'?Yo, Debonaire and JT, they ain't got no flavor, yet I'm versatille!ANGIE: Uh-uh, reason y'all run the same ol' game, day after dayDRUGZ: Oh, naw, not me, baby, I'm different!ANGIE: Look, birds of a feather flock togetherDRUGZ: Hey yo, my name is Drugz, and also I readjust up like the weather!People say the things I do to woguys make 'em rowdyLie to get down, bang the boots, then I'm Audi5 on a mission, watch I'm not dissin'As long as there's fish in the sea, I'll be fishin'Cause one's not enough; I ain't a wimp, I'm a pimpAnd uh, I ain't lonely for no relationships!You wanna be the girl that I hate? I ain't frontin'Causage this ain't The A-Team, slim, You Gets Nothin'No money, no clothes, or a lil' kissNamong that unmuch less you like gettin' dissed!I act this means, not bereason I hate yaBut you must recognize, it's in my nature