Pre ap biology curriculum

This is the core document for this course. It clearly lays out the course framework, provides a program overcheck out, defines our instructional strategy, and also provides assessment blueprints and also examples.

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Overview Biology sparks student incentive and critical thinking around our living civilization as they connect in real-human being information evaluation and also problem-solving. The Biology course emphasizes the integration of content through scientific research practices—effective thinking tools that assistance students in analyzing the natural world about them. Having this capability is one of the hallmarks of scientific proficiency and is instrumental for many college and also career endeavors in science and also the social scientific researches.

Areas of Focus

The scientific research locations of focus, displayed listed below, are scientific research methods that students build and leverage as they connect through content. They were identified via educator feedago and research study around wright here students and teachers require the the majority of curriculum support. These areas of focus are vertically aligned to the scientific research techniques embedded in other scientific research courses in high college, consisting of AP, and in college, giving students multiple methods to strengthen and deepen their job-related with these abilities throughout their education and learning. They additionally support and also align to the Next off Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and also AP scientific research practices of concept building and also refinement. Biology Areas of Focus:

Emphasis on analytical analysis and writing: Students engage in analytical reading and creating to gain, retain, and also apply scientific knowledge and also to carry out scientific argumentation.

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Strategic use of mathematics: Students use mathematics strategically in order to understand and also expush the quantitative elements of biology, to document and interpret experimental data, and also to fix difficulties as they aclimb.Attention to modeling: Students go past labeling diagrams to producing, revising, and also making use of models to describe key fads, interactions, and also relationships in biological devices.

Underlying Unit Foundations

The four substantial concepts that are central to deep and also abundant understanding in Biology are:

The process of development drives the diversity and also unity of life.Growth and reproduction in biological units are dependent upon the cycling of matter and also the transformation of power.Biological systems, arising at assorted scales, respond and adapt to stimuli in order to preserve dynamic homeostasis.Genetic mechanisms are important to maintaining biological units.

Course at a Glance

The tables listed below show the 4 primary systems in Biology, the recommended size of each unit, and also the essential topics in each.