Part of our wishlist for our Mexihave the right to Roadway Trip wregarding combine a mix of nature, society (both modern and ancient) with some relaxation. Punta Laguna was one that when it was mentioned by Stubborn Mule I was eager to visit. It didn’t disapallude and our suffer was more than I hoped it would certainly be. So right here we go our overview to Punta Laguna Nature Reserve in Mexico.

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Spider Moncrucial Baby captured by T or J in Punta Laguna Reserve Quintana Roo

Punta Laguna Spider Monvital Reserve

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Punta Laguna is a nature reserve run by a local Mayan village. It’s around an hour and also a half from the city limits of Cancun. It’s basic to gain to and also as soon as tright here it really is best to take a guided tour of the jungle.

From endure, I understand that jungle is notoriously tough to spot pets in.

So although we went with the hope of spotting some of the Spider Monkey’s that the reserve was set up to defend I had ready the youngsters for the eventuality that we may not watch even more.

Kids complying with our overview Julio At Punta Laguna Nature Reserve on Day 1 of our Mexico Road Trip

As we followed the overview via the jungle a rustle in the leaf litter alerted us to an pet nearby. At the very same time in the distance our overview had actually spotted something jumping in the trees. We looked dvery own and also experienced a Basalisk Lizard had been caught by a snake and also looked ahead and in the trees across a little valley tright here was a troop of spider primates resting, eating and also playing amongst the branches.

Extract from the J’s journal

It seemed my preparation for the kids wasn’t required and we experienced the majority of different pets that I really wasn’t expecting.

T and our Julio catching photos of the lizard and the snake in the jungle at Punta Laguna Spider Monvital Reserve

Our overview was simply as shocked as us to watch the lizard and also the snake and also prefer T spent an excellent amount of time taking photos of something that he had never before checked out.

What Makes Punta Laguna Reserve Special?

As we walked roughly the jungle our overview, Julio defined to us about the reserve and exactly how it had began.

In 1986 the procedure to defend this reserve by the households was began and in 2002 it became an main nature reserve. Managed and also run by the Mayan community these are the civilization that know the location finest.

Baby Spider Monessential we took a picture of eating leaves in the trees

Because of how safeguarded this area the wildlife populace are flourishing. Tbelow are spider monkeys and also howler primates (although these are a tiny more difficult to see) that relocate throughout the reserve.

Young Howler Monessential caught in the nature reserve

Tbelow are likewise jaguars in the location also and a tiny conservation project has actually been establimelted to research study and protect them – don’t however mean to see any of these.

Basilisk Lizard recorded by a snake check out the lower jaw of the snake underneath the lizard’s body and also the fang piercing the peak where it’s pulled in.

Tbelow are snakes, lizards, birds and many insects including GIANT grasshoppers which although look kind of scary eat the bark of trees and also are harmmuch less.

The huge grasshoppers were almost everywhere they eat the bark of the trees and also are harmmuch less yet BIG!

Activities at Punta Laguna for the More Adventurous

The beautiful lake at Punta Laguna – you have the right to zip line throughout it and also Kayak ago or take a swim off the dock right here if you wish.

As well as the nature reserve tright here is also some activities for those that are thrill-seekers. You have the right to zip line throughout the lake and also then Kayak back to the dock.

Or you deserve to abseil into the cenote in the reserve and then climb in the rope ladder ago out.

Due to the weather conditions, we weren’t able to execute either as, as our tour finiburned a large storm rolled in and also made these difficult.

How to get to Punta Laguna

Punta Laguna is on the road to Cobra from the Carretera Libre from Cancun to Merida.

It was a great drive out of Cancun and also then through the countryside. It was our initially full day of driving in Mexico and also we were worried around the roadways as knew Punta Laguna was on a smaller road.

Roadway to Punta Laguna and also Coba from the Carretera Libre Cancun to Merida.

But utilizing Google Maps navigating we discovered it easily and also it was no even more difficult than driving in the UK on some of the minor A roads.

If you don’t desire to drive it is feasible to carry out this as an excursion from Cancun examine out a full Punta Laguna Tour, or Punta Laguna and also Coba Tours linked below from Get Your Guide

What framework are tright here at Punta Laguna

Punta Laguna is a little off the tourist trail so it’s not acquired many framework but it has simply what you need also once through the youngsters.

There is a bathroom which you can change in too. This is a drop toilet and fundamental but it’s clean and does what you require.

A tiny ticket office, museum and location wright here you have the right to gain drinks that are great and also cold perfect for as soon as you rerotate from the tour.

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The tour also stopped at a regional store wbelow some of the woguys were selling clothes, souvenirs and jewellery that they had actually made.

If you are searching for food – then we ongoing onto Coba which is only 10 – 15 minutes drive away and also obtained lunch tright here.

What carry out you must Bring

This is the jungle – it’s hot, humid, lots of bugs and it’s over a mix of limerock and also leaf litter.

So great shoes are a should. We wore our lightweight walking boots. They showed terrific in Mexico for experimenting the jungle and many the Mayan damages too.

Bug repellent was likewise necessary – the kids wore a Bugwatch each and we all supplied Incognito Insect Repellent. Neither have actually DEET in which can injury the environment, plastics and also isn’t good for the skin. But, were simply as reliable.

Read our testimonial of the bugwatch – we’ve been so impressed that we have purchased the adult bands for our following trips for us too!

It’s really essential that you don’t add chemicals to the setting so with our arrangement for a swim we also used our reef-safe sun cream so that all of the chemicals that do pollute the atmosphere wouldn’t be existing.

You will certainly additionally need water. Lots of it! As it was so warm and humid.

Our bags hosted the water and our swimwear because till the weather turned we were planning to be a tiny even more adventurous.

How lengthy does the Guided Tour Last at Punta Laguna

As we found out this very much depends on you and exactly how you are getting on.

We had actually about 45 minutes and also then Julio asked us whether we wanted to proceed as we had only watched Howler Monkeys (the leastern prevalent to view at Punta Laguna).

Due to the fact that we wanted to see Spider Monkeys if possible we said to continue on and also ended up with a tour of approximately an hour and also a fifty percent.

Our kids are offered to walking and also they are pet crazy which expected that as soon as we started to view even more animals in the second half of the tour they wanted to continue on.

If you include in the zipline and the abseil into the cenote then you are looking at between 3 and also 5 hrs depending on exactly how long you spend trying out and also kayaking on the lake too.

When you gain your ticket you can talk to the perchild there and work-related out what you want and also for how long and also the price was changed accordingly.

How Much Does Punta Laguna Cost

The complete Tour and also Entrance Fee to the Nature Reserve cost us $500 Pesos per perboy. That was around £21 for a guided tour.

If you desire to watch the chimpanzees it’s the ideal way. We wouldn’t have seen them any kind of other way.

What the Kids Thought About Punta Laguna

We always favor to offer the youngsters view and our very own when we visit places, especially as a family members so I’m handing over to J and also T to tell you what they think.

J’s Recheck out of Punta Laguna

It was really warm in the Jungle and I didn’t favor the gigantic grasshoppers one little bit. Eexceptionally time we walked previous them they flew up. One even arrived on Mummy and also it was HUGE.

Giant grasshopper on my bag – watch exactly how substantial they were!

But we did view a Basilisk lizard. Although, it was being eliminated by a snake. But Mummy claims that even when she resided in the Jungle in Costa Rica she never experienced that.

The chimpanzees were funny. The baby was jumping all about the trees and REALLY close to us. I believed at one point it was going to jump on my head.

T’s Resee of Punta Laguna

It was exceptional – I came confront to confront via a baby spider monkey. It was so close I might have actually touched it but the teeth looked really sharp.

You can get really cshed to the animals in the wild. Here’s T getting up cshed with the Spider Monessential Baby.

We also saw a lizard – it was really still also once we obtained cshed to it. And when we got cshed to it you can check out that a snake had actually got it. I gained my electronic camera in and also took a snapshot of it as I was the bravest and went really close.

J didn’t prefer the huge grasshoppers – I didn’t mind them as if you let someone else walk just in front of you they streatment them and also you can quickly follow without disturbing them again. That’s what I did and think everyone need to perform especially children and also then you won’t be scared at all.