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Review of clinical instruments: a monthly journal devoted to clinical instruments, apparatus, and techniques

Common abbreviations:Rev. Sci. Instrum. Rev. of Sci. Instrum. Rev. Sci. Instrum. (USA) Rev Sci Instrum Rev Sci Instrum Rev Sci Instrum

Keywords(s): Messtechnik, Zeitschrift, Online-Resresource, Messtechnik, Instrumentation
CODEN: RSINAK ; RSINAISSN(s): 0034-6748, 1089-7623, 1527-2400
Publisher: Amerihave the right to Institute of Physics : 1930-
Appears:print, digital, data medium
ID: PERI:(DE-600)1472905-2

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Database coverage:
; Clarivate Analytics Master Journal List ; Current Materials - Engineering, Computing and Technology ; Current Materials - Physical, Chemical and also Earth Sciences ; Ebsco Academic Search ; Essential Science Indicators ; IF All well-known publications ...Download: BibTeX|EndNote XML, Text|RIS| Post Klemme, S. (Corresponding author)Extern*; Feldhaus, M.; Potapkin, V.Extern*; Louvel, M.Extern*; Loges, A.Extern*; Rohrbach, A.Extern*; Weitkamp, P.Extern*; Welter,*; Kokh, M.Extern*; Testemale, D.; Wilke, M.Extern*; Borchert, M.Extern*XFEL.EU*; Schmidt, C.Extern*A hydrothermal apparatus for x-ray absorption spectroscopy of hydrothermal fluids at kaupunkiopas.comReview of clinical tools 92(6), 063903 (2021) <10.1063/5.0044767>2021 Files BibTeX | EndNote: XML, Text | RIS Post Fehre, K. (Corresponding author)Extern*XFEL.EU*; Pitzer, M.Extern*; Trinter, F.Extern*XFEL.EU*; Berger, R.; Schießer, A.; Schmidt-Boecking, H.Extern*; Doerner, R.Extern*; Schoeffler, M. (Corresponding author)Extern*XFEL.EU*Closed-loop recycling of rare liquid samples for gas-phase experimentsRewatch of scientific tools 92(2), 023205 (1-5) (2021) <10.1063/5.0037836>2021 Files Fulltext BibTeX | EndNote: XML, Text | RIS Blog post Eggart, D.Extern*; Zimina, A.Extern*; Cavusoglu, G.Extern*; Casapu, M.Extern*; Doronkin, D.Extern*; Lomachenko, K. A.; Grunwaldt, J.-D.

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(Corresponding author)Extern*Versatile and high temperature spectroscopic cell for operancarry out fluorescence and also transmission x-ray absorption spectroscopic researches of heterogeneous catalystsReview of clinical tools 92(2), 023106 (2021) <10.1063/5.0038428>2021 Files BibTeX | EndNote: XML, Text | RIS Message Steffen, B. (Corresponding author)*; Gerth,*; Caselle, M.; Felber,*; Kozak,*; Makowski, D. R.Extern*; Mavrič,*; Mielczarek, A.Extern*; Peier,*; Przygoda, K.Extern*; Rota, L.Compact Single-Shot Electro-Optic Detection System for THz Pulses with Femtosecond Time Resolution at MHz Repetition RatesRewatch of scientific instruments 91(4), 045123 (2020) <10.1063/1.5142833>2020 Files BibTeX | EndNote: XML, Text | RIS Post Kujala, N. (Corresponding author)XFEL.EU*; Freund, W.; Liu, J.; Koch, A.; Falk, T.; Planas, M.; Dietrich, F.; Laksmale, J.; Maltezopoulos, T.; Risch, J.; Dall’Antonia, F.; Grünert, J.Hard x-ray single-shot spectrometer at the European X-ray Free-Electron LaserReview of scientific tools 91(10), 103101 (2020) <10.1063/5.0019935>2020 Files BibTeX | EndNote: XML, Text | RIS Post Bühlmann, K.; Gort, R.; Fognini, A.; Däster, S.Extern*; Holenstein, S.; Hartmann, N.; Zemp, Y.; Salvatella, G.Extern*; Michlmayr, T. U.; Bähler, T.; Kutnyakhov,*; Medjanik, K.; Schönhense, G.Extern*; Vaterlaus, A.Extern*; Acremann, Y. (Corresponding author)Extern*Compact setup for spin-, time-, and angle-refixed photoemission spectroscopyResee of scientific instruments 91(6), 063001 (2020) <10.1063/5.0004861>2020 Files BibTeX | EndNote: XML, Text | RIS Article Orava, J. (Corresponding author)Extern*; Kosiba, K. (Corresponding author)Extern*; Han, X.Extern*; Soldatov, I.Extern*; Gutowski,*; Ivashko,*; Dippel,*; Zimmermann, M.*; Rothkirch,*; Bednarcik, J.Extern*; Kühn, U.; Siegel, H.; Ziller, S.Extern*; Horst, A.; Peukert, K.; Voigtländer, R.; Lindackers, D.; Kaban, I.Extern*Fast-current-heating devices to study in situ phase development in metallic glasses by utilizing high-power synchrotron radiationRecheck out of scientific tools 91(7), 073901 (2020) <10.1063/5.0005732>2020 Files BibTeX | EndNote: XML, Text | RIS Blog post Schewa, S.Extern*EMBL*; Schroer, M. A.EMBL*; Gruzinov, A. Y.; Zickmantel, T.Extern*EMBL*; Song, Y.-H.; Blanchet, C. E.Extern*EMBL*; Katona, G.Extern*EMBL*; Svergun, D. I.EMBL*; Roessle, M. (Corresponding author)Extern*EMBL*A THz transparent 3D published microfluidic cell for little angle x-ray scatteringRewatch of scientific instruments 91(8), 084101 (2020) <10.1063/5.0004706>2020 Files Fullmessage BibTeX | EndNote: XML, Text | RIS Blog post Gombola, C.; Hasemann, G.Extern*; Kauffmann, A. (Corresponding author); Sprenger, I.Extern*; Laube, S.Extern*; Schmitt, A.; Gang, F.Extern*; Bolbut, V.Extern*; Oehring, M.Extern*; Blankenburg, M.Extern**; Schell, N.HZG*; Staron, P.HZG*; Pyczak, F.Extern*; Krüger, M.; Heilmaier, M.Extern*A zone melting device for the in situ observation of directional solidification making use of high-power synchrotron x raysRewatch of clinical tools 91(093901), 1-9 (2020) <10.1063/5.0019020>2020 Files BibTeX | EndNote: XML, Text | RIS Article Levish, A. (Corresponding author); Winterer, M.Extern*In situ cell for x-ray absorption spectroscopy of low volatility compound vaporsResee of scientific instruments 91(6), 063101 - 063101-7 (2020) <10.1063/5.0006721>2020 Files Fulltext BibTeX | EndNote: XML, Text | RIS