River valley nature center

The Janet Huckabee Arkansas River Valley Nature Center, situated in Ft Smith (Sebastian County) and called for initially lady Janet Huckabee, is among 4 nature centers owned and also operated by the Arkansas Game and also Fish Commission (AGFC). It interprets the herbal environment of the Arkansas River Valley, and also broadens upon the mission of the agency, which is to control the fish and also wildlife resources in Arkansas while offering an enjoyable endure for visitors. The 14,000-square-foot nature facility is located on 170 acres of land also typical of the river valley, together with a twelve-acre manmade lake. The facility functions exhibits interpreting the natural history of the area, and nature trails roughly the home give travellers a first-hand also check out.

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The four nature centers built by the AGFC were made possible by the one-eighth-cent conservation taxes passed in 1996. The other framework are located in Pine Bluff (Jefferson County), Jonesboro (Craighead County), and also Little Rock (Pulaski County). Several Ft Smith–area groups supported the taxes passage, and these teams went on to lobby that one of the nature centers be built in their neighborhood. The grand also opening of the nature facility was hosted on August 31, 2006.

The center greeted over 80,000 civilization in its initially year of procedure. Many type of of these were school youngsters, the main taracquire audience of the nature facility. Programs teach about—among other things—animals, insects, habitats, and predator/prey relationships in Arkansas. The nature center’s location within a range of habitat areas—consisting of wetland also, upland woodland, oak savannah, pine forest, and lake—is ideal for outdoor examine.

The nature center was well received by the general public. Weekfinish and also evening programs target the basic populace, specifically households. Many programs relate to searching and also fishing as devices of wildlife conservation. Archery, BB guns, and also computer system searching games are popular among travellers. The facility loans out fishing poles and tackle, and hosting hunting education and learning and also boating safety courses. Other programs include guided hikes and also canoeing.

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The nature center building consists of a state-of-the-art exhibit area highlighted via a 1,700-gallon aquarium representative of the Arkansas River and also a life-sized short article oak tree through bordering oak-savannah habitat. An interactive classroom is complete of activities for households to experience together, and a big multipurpose room is used for education and learning programs and also neighborhood meetings. Annual programs being establiburned incorporate National Hunting and also Fishing Day in September, Earth Day celebrations in April, National Migratory Bird Day and an Outdoor Expo for institution groups in May, and Free Fishing Weekfinish in June.

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