Rock creek park nature center and planetarium

The Rock Creek Nature Center serves as the major visitor facility for Rock Creek Park. It is located at 5200 Glover Roadway, NW in Washington, D. C.

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The Nature Center is open up Wednesday through Sunday from 9 AM to 5 PM. It is closed on Thanksproviding, Christmas, and also New Year’s Day.

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AMENITIESRanger-staffed information desk wbelow you deserve to pick up a cost-free park magazine, trail maps, and various other information around the sub systems of Rock Creek ParkLarge nature museumBook and souvenir storePlanetariumRestroomsPicnic tables and 2 short nature trails are outsidePLANETARIUM

The Rock Creek Planetarium is located in the same structure as the Nature Center. While the mirrors differ from month to month, the schedule stays consistent. On Wednesdays tright here is a 4 PM display geared specifically for youngsters periods 4 to 10. On weekends tbelow is a 1 PM program for those 5-years-old to adult and also a show at 4 PM that gets a tiny even more clinical and also is for those 7-years-old to adult. All mirrors are cost-free, however you should obtain a ticket at the Nature Center at leastern a half-hour before present time. See Rock Creek Park’s Planetarium web web page for the present schedule.


Eastern Box Turtle


Many human being speak at the Rock Creek Nature Center to get indevelopment, accomplish for a Ranger routine, or watch a show at the Planetarium. The just other task is the museum. It took me about an hour to read every little thing, though as stated, not many kind of world are going to do that. For the typical perkid, arrangement to spend fifteenager minutes at the Nature Center, not counting time spent on shows and other programs.