Open Nature Ground Beef

If healthier eating is on your New Year Resolution list, head into Safemeans where you can pick up Open Nature Grass-fed Ground Beef on sale for just $5 via January 12th.

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When it involves shopping for great-tasting beef, it’s no much longer simply around picking the best cut and grade. We understand that an animal’s diet is likewise an important aspect in determining the quality of the beef.

The means the livestock are fed can have actually a significant effect on the nutritional complace of the beef.

Grass-fed cattle graze in pastures, wright here they eat a selection of grasses, hay, and alfalfa.

About Open Nature Ground Beef:

The ground Angus beef comes from grass-fed cows that are bred, increased, and harvested in Australia that are not offered hormones or antibiotics, so the meat is all-natural.

Available in 85% lean or 93% lean and sold in 16 oz packperiods at your neighborhood Safemeans or Albertsons affiliate.

The 85% lean ground beef is on sale for simply $5.00 with January 12th. Regularly priced $7.49 each, you’ll save $2.49 per package. This is a perfect time to stock the freezer via all-herbal ground beef for a great price. Also – obtain triple reward points as soon as you spend $10 on Safeway brands in each transactivity.

Benefits of Grass-Fed Beef

Grass-fed beef is lower in complete calories and includes a greater nutritional value.

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Grass-fed beef looks various than typical beef at the market. To start, grass-fed beef has actually less marbling than traditional beef as a result of its leanness.

Because grass-fed beef is leaner, it cooks more quickly than grain-fed beef. It likewise has a different, even more pleasant aroma when food preparation.

Grass-fed beef has actually a more complex flavor profile due to a differed diet on the pasture. The taste is clean, affluent, and beefy.

The cattle experience a stress-cost-free, humane way of living on an open pasture rather than in a feedlot.

Cooking via Grass-Fed Beef

Grass-fed beef deserve to be supplied the exact same method conventional ground beef is provided – burgers, meatballs, meatloaf, tacos, and more. It’s delightful in stuffed peppers, stuffed zucchini and also in Oriental beef bowls.

Check out some ground beef recipe ideas listed below.

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Korean Beef Lettuce Wraps

Grilled Greek Pita Burger


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