After a pretty significant delay, the last update before 0.3.0 is here! This update features a while bunch of tweaks and enhancements, as well as some extra content including 4 new artifacts! Quite essential also, it is now feasible to donate to assistance the game!

The update must populate to Google Play and also Amazon quickly.

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There’s most stuff in this one so I’ll attempt to be a little more brief than usual wright here I deserve to be. 0.2.3 is the last update before 0.3.0 so I took it as a chance to boost on content added from 0.2 to 0.2.2, while also adding some new stuff.



All artifacts currently come as unidentified, and have the potential to be cursed! Expect cursed artefacts to offer malicious versions of their non-cursed results, and you obtain no say in how/once they activate! You can’t upgrade cursed artifacts, so make certain to have actually a scroll of rerelocate curse handy.

Quality of Life & Utility Improvements:

All existing artefacts have actually had actually some tuning and basic renovations made to them. Bugs have actually been addressed and also all applicable artifacts have the right to now be quickslotted. Artifacts can now additionally be offered through a well of transmutation, and artifacts are now unique over a run! If you are ever before able to have actually even more than one of an artitruth (excluding existing saves), that is currently a bug.

Cloak of Shadows:

Now a rogue exclusive item, no much longer attainable as a drop! The Cloak’s recharge price has been nerfed slightly, it will certainly now charge much faster the more charges it is lacking, keep utilizing it to help it charge faster! The cloak now requires at leastern 2 charges to be offered, it seemed pointless to let the player use one charge and then instantly lose stealth.

Cape of Thorns:

Buffed! The cape must currently be an extra worthwhile item, it charges and also levels notably faster, and also its energetic duration is much longer.


Small nerf, now loses 25% of charge once unequipped. I don’t desire to encourage human being to constantly juggle items in their misc slots, this indicates you need to commit to wearing the armband to acquire its full performance.

Horn of Plenty:

Small buff, currently charges faster initially, charge rate at max level unreadjusted.

Chalice of Blood:

no changes.

Talisguy of Foresight:

rewell balanced, now weaker initially, yet benefits more from levelling up.

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Sandals of Nature:

Buffed slightly, currently gains charge proportional to max HP, need to charge much faster in its entirety.

New Artifacts:

Alchemists toolkit, for premium potion mixing after some puzzle resolving. Unsecure spellbook, for some chaotic, yet renewable, scroll effects. Timekeeper’s Hourglass, for manipulating time to your advantage. And the rerotate of the Dried Rose! Perhaps the sad gorganize will certainly have a 2nd opportunity to be a hero…

Freerunner Buffs

As the cloak of shadows is currently rogue exclusive, it made feeling to even more tightly tie it to the rogue class. The Assassin already substantially benefits from the cloak, and is mostly the stronger subclass, so I took the chance to provide the freerunner some love. Firstly, the base movespeed bonus on the freerunner has been reduce very slightly, and the freerunner no longer gains bonus evasion while relocating. The bonus evasion was reasonably worthless as you can’t fight and relocate in the very same rotate, interpretation it just assisted a freerunner running at/amethod from a ranged opponent. Now, instead, the freerunner’s bonus speed is increased MASSIVELY whenever before he is invisible. The freerunner deserve to currently relocate at speeds that would certainly make a +5 ring of haste jealous.

Ring of Force

buffed substantially, due to some bad arithmetic on my part (ooops) it was very weak prior to. The ring now scales through player strength and also its very own upgrades. The ring have to now be around as solid as whatever tier weapon you presently have actually stamina to use, but it have the right to range past 18 toughness. Combine with a warrior, added toughness potions, or a ring of could for excellent results. Keep in mind that this has actually not adjusted the truth that the ring of force does not work-related via knuckeldusters, I’ll evaluate this as a potential change after I’ve checked out the influence of this initial buff.

Ring of Evasion

Reworked! … again! the initial rework on this item kinda sucked, it rewarded the player for standing still which both didn’t synergize via any kind of various other items/effects incredibly well, yet also didn’t thematically fit. The brand-new ring of evasion now urges the player to be sneaky, rewarding players that remain unchecked out through greater evasion and diminished detectability. It’s favor if the old ring of evasion and old ring of shadows had actually a baby. The ring have to now work as a sneak-motivation for other classes, and have wonderful synergy through the rogue. I’ll proceed to evaluate this ring, I’m very happy with the new gameplay yet this adjust might make evasion extremely OP again, if so I’ll be prepared via the nerf bat.


The ranges of cooked blandfruit that were when harmful now rather provide unique buffs once eaten! Try imbuing your hero through the powers of firebimpend, sorrowmoss, or earthroot!

Health Potion farming

Firstly, fly swarms have been returned ago to their original state, definition they are once aacquire relatively good to farm, but - ALL MEANS OF FARMING HEALTH POTIONS HAVE BEEN NERFED! Here’s exactly how it works: eextremely single potion drop will alleviate the odds of the next one from that specific resource. This means that the much longer you try to farm wellness pots, the much less most likely they will be to drop. There are 6 distinct resources in total: the 4 mob kinds which drop health and wellness pots, making health and wellness pots through alchemy, and also blandfruit seeds (as blandfruit have the right to be made into healthfruit). All of this means that, similar to scrolls, there is now a finite number of health potions that have the right to fairly appear in a given run. This change should only seriously affect players that integrated significant potion farming right into their strategy. Keep in mind that this is additionally a nerf to the wand of regrowth, as that wand also no much longer allows you construct up a stock of seeds and revolve that into many health potions, because of alchemy being among the nerfed resources. Sources of non-instant healing, such as sungrass seeds, dew drops, etc, are not influenced by this change.

Save Tweaks

I have made alters to the way the game handles save failures. This may cause brief term annoyance, as the game will crash instead of hiding conserve exceptions, however this will certainly likewise allow users to sfinish me google play bug reports, which will make resolving save problems MUCH much easier.

Interruption Tweaks

Player interruption has actually been reoperated. The character will certainly now speak whenever they take damages, definition that fat-fingering while fighting a ranged opponent will certainly no longer instantly revolve you right into a pincushion. Tbelow are two exceptions to this however: Starving damage will certainly not interrupt you, interpretation players have the right to move openly while starving. Pressing the ‘continue moving’ button will certainly make the player overlook damage interrupts until they speak relocating, which indicates you have the right to pressure your character to store moving when you’re hit by damage over time impacts, rather than having actually to tap a million times.

Stealth Tweaks

Invisibility, and the effects of the new hourglass artireality, are now interrupted when the player hits an opponent via a thrvery own weapon, and melee ones. While I appreciate that this does close an avenue for strategy, going invisible and attacking 15+ times via the huntress was ridiculous. Utility items like potions have the right to still be thrvery own without problem.

Donation System

It is now feasible to donate to assistance the game! For a full explanation of this device you have the right to check out my previous article HERE. Keep in mind that the TBA attribute has actually end up being the Hall of Heroes.

Ranmonarchs Improvements

One of the brand-new donation attributes, Hall of Heroes, adds many room and customizability to the ranmonarchs page. It has been a common request that I look right into refunctioning rankings, and also while I’m happy human being will prefer the Hevery one of Heroes, it would certainly be wrong to lock a solve to the ranemperors device behind a paywall. As such, in enhancement to donators getting accessibility to the Hall of Heroes, everyone will obtain access to an improved ranqueens page! The boosted web page features UI tweaks which make records more condensed while offering even more indevelopment, and also space to squeeze in 5 additional rankings! This means the ranmonarchs web page currently your height 10 + your a lot of current. While the Hevery one of Heroes offers also even more ranqueens room for those that want it, I’m confident this rejob-related will resolve the ranmajesties trouble for EVERYONE, it is not my intention for docountry features to resolve problems, they are strictly extras.