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This receiver enables you to quickly include exterior difficult drives if you must boost storage capacity and it permits the recording of two shows all at once. The greatest drawbacks are that it takes time to switch in between typical and also HD networks and it occasionally freezes up and rebooting takes around 15 minutes...

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In the contemporary civilization of high-meaning TV, a lot of world obtain their feeds from either digital cable or satellite. I have actually chosen cable. The 8300HD is the finest box my Brighthome Networks provider provides. An HD cable receiver and also HD DVR giving a 160-gigabyte hard drive that allows approximately 20 hours of HD recording or 90 hrs of standard-meaning recording, the SA 8300HD supplies compowebsite, S-Video, component and HDMI outputs, and both optical and coaxial digital outputs and even stereo analog outputs and, of course, an RF input and also output, also.

The 8300HD has two tuners, so you can watch one display while recording an additional and, as soon as you are recording two different reflects, you can still watch movies in your queue. The unit outputs Dolby Digital 5.1 for your receiver or AV preamp to decode for surround and also has actually stereo analog outputs, too. From my company, package costs an additional $7 per month for the HD DVR attribute. The DVR in this unit is pretty basic. You need to go through the regime guide and choose the mirrors you want to document and also highlight them. Tbelow is no search function prefer those on the older ReplayTV and also TiVo, but you deserve to select to document just first-run episodes or record the show any type of time it airs. The consisted of remote is standard, but handles all the features well.

Competition and ComparisonTo compare the Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300HD cable receiver to its competition read our various other reviews, consisting of the AT&T U-verse DVR and also service review by Anattracted Robinsn and the Tivo Premiere HD DVR evaluation by Adrienne Maxwell. You have the right to uncover information on all kinds of commodities by visiting our Satellite Receiver and HD DVR section.

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High Points• While only HDMI 1.0 spec, the HDMI output does have actually HDCP copy security, so it will occupational with all current displays and receivers.

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• The rear SATA port enables you to easily add on exterior tough drives to rise storage capacity if the internal recording time isn"t enough for you.• The 8300HD responds reasonably well to controls and also additionally switches networks conveniently, though it can take a little bit much longer going from an HD source to an SD resource and also vice-versa.

Low Points• The 8300HD freezes up, requiring a complete reboot, which deserve to take as much as fifteen minutes, relying on when you start the procedure.• Switching from high-meaning to standard-meaning channels is slow.• If you receive this unit from your cable provider, be certain to downpack the complete manual on line and also set up the unit appropriately to your collection. I uncovered many kind of native HD formats turned off on every one of these I"ve been through and also, if not corrected, this deserve to seriously limit the quality of the image you check out for HD resources.

ConclusionThe Scientific Atlanta 8300HD cable receiver and also HD DVR isn"t a bad unit. It uses all you require from a cable box, including an HDMI output and both optical and coaxial digital outputs to feed surround sound to your mechanism. The box does tend to freeze up from time to time, requiring hard reboots to deal with, and also these deserve to take a while at times. The rear SATA port that allows extra DVR storage area is a nice touch for those who desire to store huge volumes of shows for later on viewing. I strongly encourage anyone that has actually this box to download the full hands-on and also be certain to collection it up correctly for your TV, not simply what the cable firm has actually it set to, as you will vastly improve the video of this receiver.