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SI PhysicsTutorial for the TI-89 Titanium Calculator Using Scientific Notation on a TI-89 Titanium calculator From Home, press the Mode button, then scroll down to Exponential Layout. Select Scientific. Press Go into to save your selection.If you form in a number less than one and also then push Enter, the number will certainly currently be instantly converted to scientific notation. Keep in mind that the format your calculator offers to display screen clinical notation is really not the correct format. The “E” means “x10^”, so using the instance to the ideal, you would certainly compose your answer as follows: 5.8963 x 10-7 If you type in a number higher than 1, the calculator does not automatically screen it in scientific notation. How, then, perform you get the calculator to display the number in scientific notation?Easy. Simply press the green diamond button and then Get in aget and the number will certainly be converted. Again, as soon as you write the number dvery own, usage the correct format quite than the calculator’s format, ie. 6.59821 x 108. Also, if this is a final answer, be certain you express your answer to the correct number of substantial digits. Converting units using the TI-89 Titanium calculatorType in the number you wish to transform, then press the blue second vital followed by the blue Units vital (the #3 on your keypad). A list will pop up. Scroll dvery own to select the category for your unit, then use the ideal arrowhead crucial and the down/up tricks to make your selection. Here we wish to convert 3 ft to meters. This is a unit of length, so the Length category has been selected, and also _ft has actually been preferred for our original unit. (Keep in mind, you may likewise type in the unit if you recognize the abbreviation, as displayed below). Once the unit has actually been favored, push Go into and the number and also unit will certainly be displayed.To convert the systems, press the second key aacquire and then the convert essential (the blue triangle pointing to the appropriate, over the Setting key). This tells the calculator that you want to transform the original systems to something else.Next, show the unit you want your original value to be converted to. You may perform this either by making use of the exact same approach explained above to select the unit from a list, or you might type the unit in straight by pushing the green diamond vital complied with by the underscore switch (Mode). In this case, we have actually favored to type in the unit for meters. Once the desired devices are selected, push Go into to see the convariation. Here we discover that 3 ft equals 0.9144 meters.How to construct a documents table and create a graph on a TI-89 Titanium calculator Step1: Construct a data table. Press the Apps button and select the Data/Matrix Editor.Create a brand-new data table.Select Documents for the form of table you will certainly be creating. For Variable, offer your data table a unique name.

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Here, for example, the name of the data table will be "motion". Then press Go into to go to the empty information table.The information table will certainly show up empty. Go into your information, normally with the independent variable in column 1 (c1) and also the dependent variable in column 2 (c2).Tip 2: Perform a statistical analysis of the information In our case, we would like to perdevelop a direct regression to view how well the data fit a line. Begin by pressing the F5 crucial. For Calculation Type, select LinReg. (Obviously, if you wanted to perdevelop a power regression, select PowerReg, etc.). Press Get in to save your selection.Identify which column has actually the x and also which has actually the y variable. Then instruct the calculator to save the regression equation (RegEQ). Here, y1(x) is the place where we have chosen to keep the equation. Press Go into to conserve. A window through the equation information will appear. In this situation, the general equation for a line is provided in the top left edge, and also the worths for the slope (a) and y-intercept (b) are gave. In enhancement, the correlation coefficient is provided, along with the R2 worth (a much better descriptor of the goodness of fit).Tip 3: Graph the information and a best-fit line: To view a graph of your information, press the green diamond and F3 buttons from the Data/Matrix Editor window.From the graph we have just developed, it shows up that the x and y variables share a straight relationship. As such, we need to uncover the equation of a best-fit line, evaluate the goodness of fit in between the line and also the information, and produce a graph of the line and also data together. To do this, go back to the window with your information table (the Data/Matrix Editor), press F2 for Plot Setup. Select Plot 1. Press F1 to specify exactly how your graph will certainly be created. You will certainly want to choose Scatter for they type of graph (this is usually the default) and select the type of marks you want to use to show the data (below, Box is selected). Then define which column will certainly be the x and also which will be the y variable. Press Get in to save these establishing. A display favor this will certainly appear, through a shorthand also summary of your graphing selections. Press Get in to take you ago to the Data/Matrix Editor.Select the Y= (green diamond button, then F1). The name of your data table will present on the peak line, then listed below that will be a description of your graph selections, and also beneath that will be the statistical information you stored in y1(x).To produce a graph, select F2, then option 9 (ZoomData) to produce a graph that zooms in on your information (rather than the entirety line in the equation). Press Enter (or 9).A graph will certainly be produced that mirrors your information points as they show up in relation to the best-fit line.If you want to label the axes, select F7 and also then Text (7). Use the arrowhead secrets to move around and also then kind in your text where you desire it.