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Why publish in Scientific Reports?

Scientific Reports is an open accessibility journal publishing original research study from throughout all areas of the organic scientific researches, medication and design.

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Global influence

We sell our authors a extremely respected house for their study. Scientific Reports is the 6th most-cited journal in the civilization, via more than 540,000 citations in 2020*, and receives widespreview attention in policy papers and also the media.

Expert peer review

Partnering with our substantial network-related of skilled peer reviewers, our editorial team provides rigorous, objective and constructive peer review, and also will certainly assistance you throughout the publication process. Scientific Reports is led by the very same ethical and editorial plan guidelines as various other Research journals to encertain that all the research we publish is scientifically robust, original, and also of the highest top quality.

The editorial board member assigned to our entry was thostormy, supportive, and clearly wanted to produce the finest manuscript possible. I was thoabout impressed." Professor Megan Fuller, Jefferboy University, USA

Swiftly visible and extremely discoverable for all

We assist your study reach even more world and maximize its influence. As an open up accessibility journal, we encertain that your work is instantly available and highly discoverable throughout a range of networks consisting of, wbelow the journal receives around 2.4million tourists per month*. The journal is indexed in Net of Science, PubMed, PubMed Central, Scopus, Dimensions, Google Scholar, DOAJ and also SAO/NASA ADS.

*Average monthly number for 2020

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