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Two Ways HP Technology Fuels Digitization That Supports Value-Based Care in Healthcare
HP in participation via HIMSSAs the healthcare industry embraces value-based treatment, hospitals and also other provider organizations are relying on digitization to much better follow patients via their healthtreatment journey -- and also recoup each and eexceptionally reimbursement dollar. For more insight from Jeffrey Goldstein, MD, MS, Senior Healthtreatment Specialist and also Daniel Colling , BSC, RN, Global Lead for Clinical and Print Workcirculation Solutions at HP inc. review even more here.
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Three Ways to Improve Your Physician Practice Revenue
Focus on these neglected areas: staffing, organization overhead, and payer contracts. Gains made in the locations of staffing, overhead, and payer reimbursements have the right to contribute to even more efficient recruitment and also retention as well as increase financial performance in the long run.
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Three Reasons Why You Must Include Printers in Your Cyberprotection Strategy
HP in collaboration via HIMSSTo protect patient wellness information, hospitals and healthtreatment institutions have to be certain they are incorporating regularly overlooked endpoint technologies -- namely, printers -- in their healthcare IT protection plans. For more insight from Pamela Dill, Senior Security Advisor at HP Inc. check out more here.

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