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Mission Statement:

The Sibley Nature Center celebrates the nature and also history of our region with a wide range of educational programs and individual endure.

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Thturbulent programs offered at its website of 49 acres in Hogan Park in Midland also, Texas, and at institutions, meeting rooms, ranches, and personal gatherings throughout the region, the Sibley Nature Center seeks to encourage neighborhood members to be knowledgeable about the flora, fauna, and also background of the area.

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The Sibley Environmental Learning Center Foundation, Inc., a 501(c) 3, dba Sibley Nature Center, prospered out of a concern of 2 Midland teachers that youngsters were not being adequately exposed to the area"s environment and it"s distinct flora, fauna, and history. The City of Midland contracted a neighborhood naturalist, to construct a trail at the current Center website.In the early 1980s, the Potts-Sibley Foundation of Ft. Stockton, Texas, gave a $50,000 challenge provide which was ultimately matched by the Midland Soil and also Water Conservation District police officers who were, at that time, the governing board of the Center. In 2005, the Sibley Nature Center came to be an independent entity, receiving a 501(c)(3) desigcountry under the legal name the Sibley Environmental Learning Center Foundation, Inc., though it kept its even more acquainted Sibley Nature Center organization name. Because 2005, the Center has continued to develop by celebrating the nature and also background of our region via a vast array of educational programs and individual experience.

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Over 10,000 world visit the facility every year and also untold numbers enjoy the Center"s Nature Trail, which requires no admission fee or registration. Each year, topical specialists of differing level deliver talks and also workshops on the neighborhood setting and history. Sibley residences informational exhibits, an extensive study library, and also rotating displays and "discovering modules" for students and also the general public to reap. The Center is likewise house to the Sibley Camera Club, which meets monthly to exadjust tips and indevelopment on developing experienced and motivating imperiods. It is an chance to for nature photographers to interact through others of all ability level - from beginner to experienced.

What Sibley Has to Offer:

Nature TrailsInterpretive ProgrammingSpring and also Fall Nature FestivalsBrown Bag Lunch Lecture SeriesNon-lfinishing Research LibraryWildlife Viewing GardenYouth and Family GardenEducation Outreach and Field TripsHike through a Homeless Pet

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Community Events:


Nature Festival

Sibley After Dark


Nature Festival

Dragonfly Celebration

Distinguimelted Lecture Series

Halloween at Sibley

Thank you to our past and also current Sponsors and Funders!

Sibley Nature Center is responsible for preserving a public trail mechanism for the education and enjoyment of our visitors and also neighborhood members. Thunstable the assistance of the Potts and also Sibley Foundation, we utilize civilization counters to collect information around trail usage. This information helps us to much better understand also our community needs and to control our trails. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, we can additionally usage this information when using for grants and other capital. To learn more around the trail counters we use click right here.