South Shore Nature Center East Islip

About the South Shore Nature Center

The South Shore Nature Center is a public nature center located in East Islip, New York. The facility is operated by the Enviornpsychological Association via a partnership through the Tvery own of Islip, which owns the building along with Suffolk County and also The Nature Conservancy. The 200-acre maintain, which was establiburned in 1977, stretches to the shores of the Great South Bay. It includes mature upland also woodlands, freshwater wetlands and also a large salt marsh. It boasts a considerable netoccupational of trails and also boardwalks that afford visitors miles of access to the property’s beauty and ecological diversity. The facility’s visitor facility provides interactive exhibits and collections of both live pets and placed wildlife specimens and also dioramas.

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Come Visit Us

The Nature Center residential property is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. throughout the week. The visitor facility — which was dedicated in 2013 as the Orr Wildlife Learning Center (“OWL Center”) — is open up on weekends from 1 to 4 p.m. and occassionally in the time of the week depending on staff schedules. Restrooms are also available during public hours.

Sorry, no pets are enabled on the residential property.


Address: 130 Baywatch Avenue, East Islip NY 11730

Sunclimb Highmeans (Rte. 27) to Exit 46 (Carleton Ave.)

Follow Carleton Ave. south in the direction of East Islip

Turn RIGHT on to Key St. (Rte. 27A)

Turn LEFT at following block on to Baywatch Ave.

Follow Baysee Ave. 1.5 miles to the entrance on the ideal.

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Park in the main parking lot on your right.


More About the South Shore Nature Center

The South Shore Nature Center resulted from the vision and also generosity of Decker and Betty Orr. The Orrs donated their 23-acre East Islip home and household house to the Tvery own of Islip in the 1970sand initiated the principle of developing an ecological education and learning center. Then, functioning closely via Tvery own Supervisor Peter Cohalen, they convinced surrounding property owners, including the Nature Conservancy and Sufindividual County, to companion in the effort and also eventually cobbled together the 200-acre sanctuary for the nature facility.

The Orr family members house was converted into a visitor center (laterrecalled the “Orr Wildlife Learning Center” or “O.W.L Center” in honor of the Decker and Betty Orr), which featuredbeautiful dioramas and other nature exhibits, and also live pets. Later, nature trails and lengthy, wonderful boardwalk (expertly built by Christian Kranenberg) were included. Over the years, the building became a beloved community asset, giving avenues for education and learning, expedition and also respite.

For years the Tvery own of Islip staffed the facility through an on-site naturalist that acted as caretaker of the home and also gave educational programming for colleges, scout groups and the basic public. Alikid Tews served this duty as the naturalist and caretaker – and the well-known public confront of the facility – for even more than 2 years until 2012. took over the educational programming at the facility in 2013. In enhancement to offering weekend staffing at the welcome center, also offers the facility to hold college and also public programs, including summer programs and the Little Peepers Forest Preschool.