Tenafly nature center summer camp

Instead of youngsters laying roughly the house watching tv, sfinish them over to our Nature Day Camps throughout the school year! Our School Break Day Camps enable your boy to use every one of their senses to explore the wonders of the organic world while they learn around woodland and also pond ecodevices. Your child"s suffer is amplified through hands-on experiences, visits through live pets, games, crafts, and also a lot even more.

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Summer Nature Day Camp


Children who choose nature love camp at the Tenafly Nature Center. It"s manual outdoor discovering and fun! Our weekly summer program permits your boy to use all of their senses to discover the wonders of the organic world while they learn about forest and pond ecodevices. Your child"s suffer is magnified via manual experiences, visits through live animals, games, crafts, and a lot more.

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Students aged 14-18 deserve to volunteer as a counselor-in-training (CIT) and assist TNC"s experienced education and learning staff with Nature Day Camp. Aid prepare, lead and clean up camp crafts and activities. Must love functioning with the little bit ones! Gain handy management experience; it looks great on a resume!

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TNC Information
Hours of Operation Visitor"s Center:Open Daily,9:30 am - 4:30 pmMay be closed to the public during significant holidays and programs Admission: (9:30 am - 4:30 pm daily)

Tright here is a small charge for visiting non-members. $2/perchild or $10/family members.

crucial Information

On weekdays (Monday-Friday), TNC Summer Camp will be in session. Please note that the TNC parking lot accessibility may be unavailable throughout pick-up 02:45-03:00 pm

Please arrangement your TNC arrival and leave outside of these time frames.


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