The Essence Of Nature

We believe that making use of herbal, eco-friendly products is the safest and also a lot of efficient way to look and feel your ideal. We lug you commodities that are safe, non-toxic, natural, organic, plant based. not tested on pets, and also vegan. We believe in tangible outcomes you have the right to see and feel, and we believe in the power of nature to lug these results.

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Afrihave the right to Babsence (White) Soap 

I really, really love this soap and will certainly repurchase in the future! The african babsence soap is too harsh for my skin so I did some research study to provide the afrideserve to white soap a try. It is remarkable, so soft, so healing to my skin and hair. Excellent customer service and communication from the merchant as well!

Vagina Fiscertain Salve 

This is an amazing vaginal salve. I hadn't found a product favor this everywhere that functioned so conveniently. It did not reason any type of irritation or discomfort. It's wondertotally made and absolutely simple to use. This is an Awesome product you will certainly be very pleased through the outcomes. The shipping was rather outstanding, I obtained it quite quickly. I loved the packaging,it was exceptionally nice. This is a must buy, I have recommfinished this product to family members and friends and also also my colleagues. I'm incredibly pleased with my purchase!

Lemon and also Tea Tree Yoni Bar

I am thoapproximately persuaded that there is no various other soap that is better for my lady parts then this! This shop has a customer for life!

Kava Kava 

Omg! This stuff is amazing! Exactly what I essential for relaxation. It lives approximately it's purpose. Thank you so much!

Pretty Pussy 

Third time purchasing and my just complaint is the jar isn't BIGGER! I have very sensitive skin and also this stuff is a dream.. I love it! Rapid shipping and also a wonderful product - can't go wrong!

Cocoa Butter Bar 

I love this soap so a lot I've covert it from my family members. It's creamy and also lathers nicely and all about perfection!

Tamanu Body Butter 

I cannot say sufficient around this product, from the whole body, the challenge, and also even my hair, I have the right to use it. It has an extremely neutral fragrance and I like that because I don't care for synthetic fragrances. My entirety household is in love and it have to buy in breakthrough to sfinish to my daughter in the UK. Plus tbelow is plenty in the container. I know that this jar will last at least 6 months.

Rose Milk Bath 

I was so excited once I inserted my order, because I couldn’t want to acquire this in the mail. It was ceded quickly and also I was super excited to open up the package. I love exactly how it was wrapped and just opening the package it currently smelled so good! I cannot wait to go house and usage this in my bath. Also, the peppermint chapstick I got it so amazing! I will certainly be ordering from this shop aobtain. I love that every little thing is all herbal and smells amazing! Highly recommfinished. :)

Vaginal Fiscertain Salve

I really choose this salve. I am exceptionally sensitive and also it is not irritating & exceptionally moisturizing. I would recommend.

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Avocaperform Neem Bar

Avocaexecute Neem Facial Bar is among my favorite. I call this soap my “BEAU-TY BAR”. I usage this bar soap for both body and as a facial bar. It leaves my challenge and body feeling smooth and also clean.

Vaginal Fiscertain Salve 

I'm so incredibly pleased via this salve. It's simple to apply, no heavy odor and also it's not at all sticky. Very soopoint.

Our journal is educational and also informative. Here are some of the topics we cover: health, sex, skincare, hair treatment, and relationships. Our objective is provide our readers with an open up and hocolony treatment of necessary concerns affecting the quality of our resides. Several of them have never before been totally explored in various other styles and also are therefore seen as “new information” by some in our analysis audience. Other topics we comment on in an effort to dispel false beliefs and misinformation that gets spcheck out via assorted implies. Many type of of our journal entries cover matters of sex-related health and wellness and performance, as a way to enlighten those that have actually not been exposed to these matters other than with street talk or rumor. In every circumstances we strive to increate our analysis audience in a clear, correct, and also concise manner. Our hope and trust is that you will certainly benefit from our initiatives and profit from what we share. NAMASTE! Herbalist Tracie

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