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Throughout Bill"s virtually decade-lengthy tenure as Executive Director, The Conservancy in New York has operated to produce a people wright here and also people thrive together, in New York, throughout the nation and also approximately the civilization. By emphasizing climate mitigation, adaptation, and also resilience, the Conservancy in New York is helping lead with bold new strategies and transferring huge results. With Bill"s leadership, The Conservancy in New York is increasing extraordinary sources, investing in cutting-edge science, connecting with new audiences, and enhancing awareness of vital eco-friendly problems. The Conservancy in New York team, guided by Bill, is deeply committed to arising a society that is inclusive, varied, and also equitable for team members, trustees, and also partners.Successes throughout the state include: the completion of biggest land deal in the Conservancy"s background at the time—161,000 acres in the Adirondacks; management on numerous coalitions that led to historical state and also local funding—more than $6 billion to provide clean water and conserve vital lands; the Conservancy"s first-ever before in-depth urban conservation regime, introduced in New York City; New York"s initially carbon credit resolve the City of Albany type of to conserve forests and alleviate carbon pollution; a partnership to gain back New York City"s Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge with practically 25,000 trees planted and also even more than 600 volunteers engaged; a residential property donation by the Conservancy that kick-began the creation of the country"s newest wildlife refuge - Great Thicket National Wildlife Refuge; and also the passing of the State"s Community Risk Reduction and also Resiliency Act, which the Conservancy helped form.

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Currently, The Conservancy in New York is in the middle of an ambitious, multi-year fundelevating project to raise $300 million for conservation impacts in New York and beyond—component of the Conservancy"s worldwide $4 billion Our World private philanthropy project. In 2016, New York released an innovative awareness project, New York Depends on Us, designed to lug attention to key concerns and also elevate the organization"s profile in one of the the majority of influential markets in the country.An skilled in worries and policy related to world and also, Bill typically comments in English and Spanish-language news media. He has newly appeared in The New York Times, The Wall surface Street Journal, Good Morning America, CNN, CNN Español, and NPR to name a couple of. Bill was profiled in Big Impact: Insights & Stories from America"s Non-Profit Leaders (BookBaby, 2017).Bill began his career at the Conservancy in 1995 as a Population and Environment Other in Peru and also Ecuador. Bill later served as the Community Conservation Director for the Andes Region and then as the Peru Program Director for six years, helping negotiate a $10.5 million swap that gives instrumental sources for safeguarded locations. In 2003, Bill came to be the Northern Arizona Director, overseeing landscape-range woodland conservation initiatives via the US Foremainder Service and also balancing conservation and neighborhood interests. As the Eastern Coloracarry out Director, Bill oversaw grasslands conservation of the Western High Plains and also led plenty of partnership initiatives through both exclusive and also public partners. Prior to joining New York, Bill offered as the Conservancy"s Acting Central Caribbean Director, leading conservation efforts in the Dominihave the right to Republic, Haiti, Cuba, and also Puerto Rico. As the New York Executive Director, he oversees all work in New York and also the engagement of almost 100,000 Conservancy members.Bill received a B.S. in Political Science from the College of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, wbelow he was a Morehead-Cain Scholar. He was awarded a Fulbbest Scholarship to job-related with the Panamanian Park Service. He later on earned a dual M.S. in Foremainder Resource Management and also Natural Reresource Economics and also Policy from the Nicholas School of the Environment at Fight It Out College, wright here he got a distinguished alumnus award in 2012.Bill loves living in New York City with his wife, Natalie, and also their daughter, Bella; running in the city"s parks; and also trying out the city and also the human being.


Art & Climate Action

June 10, 2021

While we are proudly a science-based company, The Conservancy additionally appreciates the power of art and also artists to tell us truths and also inspire us to act. The creative thinking, eactivity and honesty of art can be far even more effective than data.

This month, I had the pleacertain of accompanying artist Maya Lin, journalist Andrew Revkin, Rodale Institute’s Maria Rodale and Perfect Planet Project’s Edwina von Gal for a conversation on climate adjust, and also natural climate solutions, via a unique focus on Lin’s haunting new work, “Ghold Forest,” currently on check out at Madichild Square Park in New York City via November 14, 2021.

Organized by the Madiboy Square Park Conservancy, the Greening Public Art symposium carried together artists, environmentalists, journalists, social leaders and also the public to check out how art and also visual stories deserve to move us to act for our earth. You can accessibility the complete two-and-a-half-hour recording here; the session I participated in starts at the one-hour note. 

Bill Ulfelder  New York Executive Director


Our World, New York: The Difference We Made Together

March 1, 2021

Thanks to your wonderful leadership, The Conservancy has helped to develop a thriving civilization in New York and also beyond via our historic Our World, New York campaign. This unprecedented 5-year investment elevated nearly $400M to tackle climate readjust and also conserve healthy and balanced lands, waters and oceans would not have been possible without your generous assistance. Looking earlier, we worked with leaders and neighborhoods, committing New York to net zero egoals by 2050, cleaning Long Island’s waters of harmful nitrogen contamination, aided produce new marine parks in the Indian Ocean and also Caribbean the size of Germany kind of and South Carolina, respectively. I invite you to check out the distinctions we’ve made together throughout the Empire State and roughly the world. I highly recommfinish our campaign achievements video, accessible via the connect above, to get a feeling of the breadth and also depth of the exceptional distinction we made. unites us, and via your aid we are structure a durable, equitable and also vivid future, at house and approximately the human being. 

With profound appreciation,

Bill UlfelderNew York Executive Director 


A Statement on the Great Amerihave the right to Outdoors Act

July 22, 2020

The passage of the Great Amerideserve to Outdoors Act is a tremendous victory for the Amerihave the right to civilization. From the Grand also Canyon to Montauk State Park, our lakes, rivers, trails and also beaches are part of our nationwide identity and social fabric. They administer solace and recreational avenues to our neighborhoods, good-paying tasks and habitat for wildlife – all important in making our state and also country flourishing. As we all navigate our way through the pandemic, investments in conservation are instrumental to a healthy and sustainable recoextremely. The prominence of clean air, clean water and also accessibility to has never been more evident. The Conservancy is grateful to the whole New York Congressional delegation for their continuous support of the Land and Water Conservation Fund. We likewise appreciate our New York team members and also volunteer leaders for their tireless work and also dedication to helping to secure this win for all of us.

Bill UlfelderNew York Executive Director for All

June 23, 2020

These past months three simultaneous pandemics have been revealed in stark clarity—fast-moving COVID-19, slower moving climate readjust, and deeply rooted systemic racism. We have likewise had the financial blow of a recession that has hit New York, the nation and the world tough. All 4 disproportionately influence delicate, at-threat neighborhoods. A vital to addressing all 4 is

See more: What Are Some Ways To Gain Fear Immunity To Fear Pathfinder, Bypassing Immunity To Mind absorbs carbon to reduce the cause of climate change, and, through city trees, oyster reefs, dunes, wetlands, woodlands and more have the right to help protect us and help us adapt in a climate changing human being. Building and also protecting these services can be part of the financial stimulus we should emerge from the recession, together with structure the framework for clean, renewable energy.

We understand that obtaining outdoors in is a healthy response to the novel coronavirus, both physically and mentally. We go out to walk, to run, to sit, to socialize via our fellow people, and also to appreciate the natural human being roughly us. And doing so frequently presents massive dangers to human being of shade. Unfortunately, tright here is a long list of names that can be shared, favor Ahmaud Arbery and Christian Cooper, that are reminders of the aggression and also violence Babsence civilization face on a day-to-day basis throughout our country and also about the human being as they look to spfinish time outdoors. 

Now, even more than ever, it’s crucial to remember that human being are We are component of the herbal human being. We cannot have a vivid, sustainable natural civilization without equity, justice, inclusion and tranquility for all of mankind. And we cannot have equity, justice and also inclusion without a healthy and balanced natural civilization. “When injustice reigns—whether it is unequal access to, unfair and also inequitable laws, or police brutality—we need to all execute our component to press for readjust,” says The Conservancy’s CEO Jennifer Morris, a statement that rings true now and also eincredibly day.

These topics are vital to our mission across New York and around the people. We are focused on the links in between social justice and climate readjust, investing even more resources and time into things prefer broadening equitable keep accessibility, collaborating to advance a vision for a just and equitable urban forest in NYC, and also growing partnerships that promote climate resilience while holistically reasoning about the human benefits and also effects of our occupational.

We recognize there is even more to be done. We are as committed as ever to this work while we redouble our efforts to produce a human being wright here all of, humanity contained, can flourish.

Bill UlfelderNew York Executive Director


COVID-19 Update

March 23, 2020

As New York and also the human being grapple through a brand-new reality, I hope this message finds you and also those you love safe and healthy and balanced.

With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting our resides in profound means, I’m reminded more so than ever of the tranquility, tranquility and restorative power that gives us all.

The Conservancy in New York takes our commitment to the safety and security of our team members, partners, trustees and supporters very seriously. With every one of our workplaces throughout the state closed, we continue to job-related remotely in an reliable, and also safe, manner. We are as committed as ever before to our mission and continue our work-related to conserve the lands and also waters on which all life relies. 

Right now, the majority of of our preserves remain open up, but please examine the individual maintain peras for any type of cshedding notifications prior to you visit. Consistent with Governor Cuomo’s Executive Orders, we encourage all New Yorkers to remain home as a lot as feasible. If you do setup on visiting, remain local and cshed to your residence. When venturing external, please be certain you are in excellent wellness and also practice social distancing. If you arrive at a maintain and alert crowds are creating, pick an additional trail, a various keep or another day or time to visit. To uncover an different regional spot to gain’s sanctuary, watch our maintain map.

Getting outdoors is not always feasible and I am heartened to see many of us strengthen our link to in various other ways—whether sharing some favorite imperiods, tuning into a wildlife video camera or exploring digital tours.

As we navigate these extraordinary times, we are continually monitoring the instance and also adjusting as required. Know that it is my intention to store you, our Conservancy supporters, as updated as possible. 

Today and also always, I am particularly grateful for your assistance as we occupational together to produce a world where every one of, consisting of humanity, thrives.