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Heartland Cafe will certainly merge via True Nature Foods to become "a bigger more powerful food hub," owner Tom Rosenfeld said. View Full Caption

ROGERS PARK — Patrons of the venerable Heartland also Cafe can intend some massive alters as Edgewater's True Nature Foods merges with the eatery to develop "a bigger more powerful food hub" in the area.

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True Nature, a small organic market, chose to pick up and also leave Edgewater after mega-chain Whole Foods announced it would certainly be taking over the former Dominick's straight across the street.

Now, the two businesses focused on organic food are joining forces at 7000 N. Glenlumber Ave. in Rogers Park.

Tom Rosenfeld, that took over the Heartland a couple of years ago, shelp to mean change — but the basic mission of his establishment would certainly reprimary the very same.

"Right now we are a store, a bar and a restaurant," he shelp. "And after this change, we are going to be a save, a bar and a restaurant."

Ben Woodard highlights the big transforms ahead for Heartland:

But the Heartland's internal will be flipped, he sassist. The major dining room in the southeast edge of the restaurant will certainly come to be the brand-new True Nature, while the tiny industry Rosenfeld operates now would certainly come to be the main dining location for the cafe.

In all, he expects to shed 15 seats in exadjust for a cozier and also more cohesive atmosphere indoors, he sassist, including thatthe big patio would certainly handle a lot of customers throughout the summer.

When True Nature opens by mid-May, perhaps sooner, the Heartland also will come to be "a bigger stronger food hub" that the neighborhood has actually not seen prior to, he shelp.

Due to the fact that he took over, Rosenfeld has actually usedorganic create grownat his Michigan farm, Planet First Farms, in the restaurant. But now, through the True Nature merger, his crops will be offered straight to the neighborhood all week long.

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For instance, he sassist, in-seaboy Planet First strawberries would certainly be marketed at the keep and juiced at its juice bar, while likewise finding their way right into restaurant dishes.

"The strawberries will come in the earlier door and also end up almost everywhere," he shelp. "I'm type of amazed by it, too."

True Nature will certainly have its very own doormeans at the corner of Glenwood and Lunt methods. He shelp he'll also repaint and upday lighting.

Rosenfeld sassist he's heard nothing yet positive reactions from Rogers Park next-door neighbors, that are "really excited to acquire a natural-food grocery store … in the heart of Rogers Park," he shelp.

True Nature's move was initially reported last week by Tribune columnist Mary Schmich.

Paula Companio had worked at True Nature prior to buying the business in 2001.

She shelp in an interview last week she had no ill will toward Whole Foods, which opens up April 29.

"We desire to store this a serene venture," she sassist. "We’re all doing the very same work; our is just in a various neighborhood currently."

Whole Foods and also Companio, before the move was particular, struck a deal to market True Nature Foods sandwiches in the save as component of an exclusive food line.

At the Heartland also, she'll come to be Rosenfeld's organization companion, and continue her work as an organic-food pioneer. All of her employees will additionally sign up with her.

"It’s community readjust. It’s excellent community adjust," she said. "It’s gradual."