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According to a year-lengthy independent study by an educational research study firm, students that usage obtain up to a full year's growth in academic performance.

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Results from 1,100 students in 40 classrooms were studied for performance improvement:


Students using showed statistically a year"s worth in gains for Reading Comprehension.



Students utilizing proved practically a fifty percent a year"s even more growth in Mathematics than their ControlGroup peers.


Evidence-based Peer-reregarded Studies

Looking for factual evidence to existing to your school around just how positively results student development, learning, and also raised scores on testing? Third-party research reflects that meets ESSA criteria as an evidence-based intervention. This means our offerings qualify for federal and also state grant programs. Resee the third-party research study.Teacher Satisfaction: A Product Efficacy ReportWe studied teacher satisfactivity of our product via 2 various surveys. The first survey, the Nationwide Education Survey, was performed between December 2018 and also March 2019. The second survey, the Annual Teacher Survey, was carried out in May 2019. Results of the 2 surveys show that our users are extremely satisfied. Over 90% of respondents were most likely or incredibly most likely to recommfinish -click right here to view!Product Efficacy Report: Relationship Between Product Use and also Student PerformanceThis product efficacy research on product usage as it relates to state assessment performance investigated the relationship between the high usage of commodities at specific colleges and also the performance of the students at those colleges on state assessments. The findings indicate that high usage of products corresponds to high student performance on state assessments in all twelve colleges and throughout all subject areas.

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Comparison of 2018 and also 2019 pass prices at USATP high-use schools argues ongoing use of assets boosts pass prices year over year.- See the research.Learning List ResultsLearning List offers independent reviews of K-12 instructional products and online courses. We"re thrilled through the Learning List reviews for our USATP Progress Learning and also Education Galaxy (acquired in 2020) tests: Biology EOC (TEKS Streamlined); TEKS ELAR (Grade 3, 4, 5); TEKS Math (Grade 3, 4, 5). To see Learning List’s experienced reviews and alignment reports for assets, go to National Survey ResultsWe surveyed more than 1,500 educators nationwide to understand just how they are using --and finding success via -- click right here to view! is a teacher’s favorite supplied by even more and more districts. See what our teachers have to say:

"My students" EOCT scores have actually consistently remained in the top 80% variety due to"- F. Davis, Georgia

"Last year, 94% of students passed the EOCT-Biology."- H. Clark, Georgia

"My students have boosted 20% from initially using to currently."- J. Harris, Oklahoma

"I had a 100% EOCT pass price when I provided for the Biology EOCT for the state of Georgia."- R. Venukadasula, Georgia

"Our students made the greatest on the EOC in our district via 95%, we provided eexceptionally day!"- S. Theiss, Texas