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B.S. in Cellular & Molecular Biology

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The Biology routine uses the student a comprehensive yet liberal education and learning in Cellular and Molecular Biology. With diverse interests in the biological scientific researches the faculty offer a wide variety of courses and also provide the background necessary for careers in many type of locations of biological scientific research such as medication, molecular biology, biomodern technology, genetics, and also medical innovation. Students are also all set for advanced studies in the life sciences, medicine, dentistry, veterinary scientific research, and allied self-controls.

Requirements for the B.S. Degree in Cell and also Molecular Biology (CAM)

(CIP = 26.0101) (Track 1 of 2)TOTAL PROGRAM HOURS = 120 CREDIT HOURS

Prerequisites (State mandated common prerequisites) for students transporting from a Florida college device institution: Students need to complete the complying with prerequisites at the reduced level prior to entering the university. If these courses are not taken at the area college, they must be completed prior to the level is granted. Unless stated otherwise, a grade of C is the minimum acceptable grade for any kind of prerequisite.


(State Mandated Usual Prerequisites) for Students Transferring from a Florida College System Institution. Students must complete the following prerequisite courses listed below at the reduced level before entering the university. If these courses are not taken at the community college, they should be completed before the level is granted. Unmuch less stated otherwise, a grade of C- is the minimum acceptable grade.

BSC X010/X010L Biology I with Labor BSC X010CorBSC X040/040L BSC X011/X011L Biology II with Labor BSC X2011CorBSC X041/X041LorZOO X0101/0101LorBOT X010/X010LorBOT X013/X013L CHM X045/X045L General Chemistry I through Labor CHM X045CorCHM X040 and CHM X041 CHM X046/X046L General Chemistry II via Labor CHM X046C CHM X210/X210L Organic Chemisattempt I with Lab and CHM X211/X211Lor(CHM X210C and also X211C)or(PHY X053/X053L and PHY X054/X054L)or(PHY X048/X048L and PHY X049/X049L) MAC X311 Calculus Ior MAC X233orMAC X253orMAC X281orMAC X241 MAC X312 Calculus IIorMAC X282orMAC X234orSTA X023orSTA X024orSTA X321


Minimum: 40 credit hours


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1. Required Courses (29 credit hours):

BSC 2010 Biology I Cellular Processes (3) BSC 2010L Biology I Cellular Processes Laboratory (1) BSC 2011 Biology II Diversity (3) BSC 2011L Biology II Diversity Laboratory (1) PCB 3063 General Genetics (3) PCB 3063L General Genetics Laboratory (1) PCB 3023 Cell Biology (3) PCB 3023L Cell Biology Laboratory (1) MCB 3410 Cell Metabolism(3) PCB 4024 Molecular Biology of Cell (3) PCB 4026 Molecular Biology of the Gene (3) or PCB 4109 Cancer Biology (3)

2. Elective courses (minimum of 15 crmodify hours):

PCB 3712 General Physiology (3) PCB 4843 Principles of Neuroscientific research (3) ZOO 4753C Human Histology and Molecular Pathology of Disease (4) ZOO 4694 Developmental Biology (4) MCB 3020C General Microbiology (4) MCB 4503 Virology (3) BOT 4434C Mycology (3) PCB 4663 Person Genetics (3) BCH 3053 Introductory Biochemisattempt (3) BCH 3023L Basic Biochemisattempt Laboratory BSC 5420 Genetic Engineering (3) BSC 4458 Bioinformatics (3) PCB 4234 Principles of Immunology (3) PCB 4671 Molecular Evolution(3) PCB 5616 Molecular Phylogenetics (3) PCB 4522C Experimental Genetics and also Cell Biology (3) BSC 4910 Undergraduate Research (1-4) BSC 4933 Schosen Topics (1-4) BSC 4905 Independent Study (1)

*A maximum of 4 credit hours of Undergraduate Research (BSC 4910) might be used.

*A minimum of 20 credits hours of courses need to be taken in residency and also be applicable to the significant.


3. Supporting Courses in the Natural Sciences (minimum 34 credits hours):

CHM 2045 General Chemisattempt I (3) CHM 2045L General Chemisattempt I Laboratory (1) CHM 2046 General Chemistry II (3) CHM 2046L General Chemistry II Laboratory (1)b. CHM 2210 Organic Chemisattempt I (3) CHM 2210L Organic Chemistry I Laboratory (1) CHM 2211 Organic Chemisattempt II (3) CHM 2211L Organic Chemisattempt II Laboratory (1)c. MAC 2241 Life Sciences Calculus I (4) and MAC 2242 Life Sciences Calculus II (4) orMAC 2281 Engineering Calculus I (4) and also MAC 2281 Engineering Calculus II (4) orMAC 2311 Calculus I (4) and MAC 2312 Calculus II (4) STA 2023 Introductory Statistics I may be substituted for any Calculus IId. PHY 2048/2048L General Physics II and also PHY 2094/2049L General Physics II orPHY 2053/2053L General Physics II and PHY 2054/2054L General Physics II

4. Meet all College and also University needs.

Additionally Meet all College and University demands. Minimum acceptable grades = C No more than 4 (4) credit hrs of Undergraduate Research (BSC 4910) may be applied. Important note that just 2 hrs of BSC 4910 is generally granted A minimum of 20 hours of Biology courses have to be taken in residency and also be applicable to the major.