Verde valley birding and nature festival

Friends of the Verde River is pleased to announce that general registration is open up for the Verde Valley Birding & Nature Festival, organized at Dead Horse Ranch State Park from April 23 - 26, 2020.

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At the 20th annual festival, hundreds of bird and nature enthusiasts will certainly migrate to the Verde Valley simply in time to sign up with the tens of hundreds of birds that pass via on their yearly Spring migration. Dead Horse Ranch State Park, with its Cottonwood/Willow Gallery Foremainder, is an inviting habitat for birds and also birders.

“The yearly migration is an amazing time for bird watchers, particularly here in Verde Valley”, claims Nancy Steele, Executive Director of Friends. “Just this week I experienced a Scott’s Oriole in my backyard! I know travellers and locals will rejoice in new and distinctive bird sightings.”

This year’s festival uses over 80 field trips and workshops. For beginning birders, tbelow is Armchair Birding, wbelow you have the right to watch for birds from the comfort of a chair with one of Northern Arizona Audubon’s skilled birders. Or you can look for birds as you walk along the Verde River Greenway through a overview. For more advanced birders or those that want to explore different places, there are many trips along the Verde River and Oak Creek. Some of this year’s area trips will certainly take birders to the heights of Mingus Mountain, out to Sycamore Canyon, and to the lakes and peaks of Flagstaff. With workshops ranging from the Art of Photography to the Secret Life of Bees, tright here really is somepoint for everyone.

Keynote speaker, Rick Bonney is a newly retired director of public engagement at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Bonney will certainly be providing a presentation titled “The Canary in the Coal Mine: An Update for the 21st Century”. This talk is around the readjust in bird populations as highlighted by the stories behind bird data. The public is urged attend! To attend just the keynote talk, festival registration is not required; admission is $25 and obtainable at the door; desserts and coffee are contained in the price.

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On Saturday, April 25, from 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m., the Family Nature Festival will present the birds and other animals that call the Verde Valley home. Kids of all ages have the right to participate in manual science-based tasks. In the afternoon, tright here will be kayak rides on the lagoon and a live bird exhilittle bit through AZ Game and also Fish Department. This Saturday-just event is cost-free and open to the public.

For more information about the Verde Valley Birding & Nature Festival, visit

The Verde Valley Birding & Nature Festival is a area driven four-day event made feasible by the difficult work of many type of committed volunteers and sponsors. The festival is hosted by Friends of the Verde River, via generous assistance from Rural Activation and Innovation Network-related (RAIN), Salt River Project (SRP), Montezuma Castle & Tuzigoot National Monuments, Western National Parks Association, APS - Arizona Public Service, City of Cottontimber, Freeport-McMoRan, Sky Rock Inn of Sedona, Jay’s Bird Barn, and Forever before Our Rivers.