Neurons and also muscle cells in adult humans execute not have actually the ability to divide by mitosis, so they have the right to not repair themselves and their cell cycle continues to be in the interphase. I’m searching for even more cells through this feature. Are tright here various other cells with this incapacity to undergo mitosis in human beings or in plants?

In an adult human:

Do nervous cells ever undergo mitosis?

I wonder if all muscle cells do not undergo mitosis or if this incapability just uses to cardiac and skeletal muscle cells.

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To answer the numbered questions:

If your intention was indeed to ask about which cells are unable to undergo mitosis, then the answer will certainly most likely be an extremely long list, as no terminally differentiated cell kind undergoes division under normal circumstances. This would certainly, for example, include all various blood cell types (erythrocytes, megakaryocytes, neutrophils, eosinophils, basophils, B-cells, T-cells, organic killer cells, mast cells, macrophages), a lot of skin cells (e.g. keratinocytes, melanocytes), epithelial cells (such as those that create the intestinal lining) and also such. This would certainly likely encompass many if not every one of the cell forms detailed below that execute not have actually the "(stem cell)" note beside the web links (although I did not confirm this by checking the literary works on them).


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